Make Your Home a 3D Movie Theater!

If you would like to make your home a 3D movie theater, stay tuned! Things like this NVIDIA Projector are no longer intended only for the rich ones, like a rock star Ozzie Osborne or professional NFL and NBA players who are proud owners of this amazing product. Now, anyone can buy one, by very affordable price!

Thanks to the Taiwanese company Acer - the fourth equipment manufacturer in the world, we can feel a piece of glamour in our lives. Having this projector in your home is a great opportunity to invite friends, buy popcorns and have a good time like you are in 3D cinema.


NVIDIA Projector


Watch movies in HD with sharp details, even in the scenes of large format. The projector emits 24 frames per picture, which is perfect for human eye. Very important thing to mention is that this is the only projector in the world that is compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision standard


The quality of the colors is just amazing!. Thanks to the power of 2500 lumens the colors are realistic and the content can be broadcasted not only on the projection screen, but on the wall as well.


Finally, we should say that this product is equipped with easy to use design and you can fix it in just few steps with no extra help. 


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Enjoy your home teather! 


Love from,
Stackry team.