Lytro - the Coolest Camera Ever Made!

Lytro camera is a digital camera that neither looks nor operates like any camera you’ve ever seen! We don’t know where to start our story - from its unusual design, anodized aluminum from which it is made or from its interior and purpose.

The most important thing about the Lytro isn’t its image quality, or its performance — it’s the tech. There is one thing that stands out the Lytro from other. This camera allows you to capture what you see in a totally new way.


This pocket camera captures the entire light field in its view — not just the color and intensity of light rays, but also their direction — it can do tricks other cameras can’t do. If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t be able to change the focus of your photo after you take it, you were wrong! It is called refocusing and this is exactly what you can do with Lytro! When you take a shoot, later on you can pick what you want to be focused on. 

It has two modes: everyday, in which you only control the zoom and shutter release and creative, which lets you zoom more, focus closer, and control the depth of field more. You just have to manually tell it where to focus and you’ll make the perfect photo!

The designers of the Lytro camera should be congratulated for creating a device that is unique, functional, and attractive all at once! 

If you want to own the camera that looks unlike anything on the market, purchase Lytro. Register at Stackry and get your Lytro be delivered to your doorstep.

Love from
Stackry team!