Logitech Performance Mouse MX

For all of you who are constantly working on the computer, whether for business or fun, it’s very important to have quality peripherals that manage your computer.

Logitech is a world’s leader in making peripherals for computers. Their products are several classes above the competition in quality, usability and innovation. The Logitech Performance Mouse MX is one of them!


Computerized mouse, since it was invented, made a revolution in the use of PCs. For many of us, it is the extension of the hand.


Unlike many cheaper copies, this Logitech is another name for accuracy. Professionals, artists and even hard-core gamers will find no objection. This mouse is the only one that works on all surfaces, including glass.


Logitech Mouse


Despite the fact that it is equipped with the latest generation Darkfield laser, it has a miniature Wi-Fi receiver that fits in every USB port on the computer, Logitech Wi-Fi receiver is compatible with many products, so you do not have to use a USB adapter to attach additional devices. This saves a lot of space on your desk. Batteries are charged via cable or a small charger that you get and their endurance is measured in days, not hours. 


The design of the mouse is amazing because it just lies in the hand, whether you're left or right-handed. It is furred with the highest quality rubber to avoid sliding out of your hands. Scroll button is so easy that you’ll be able to view a ton of documents in just a second.


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