LEGO Star Wars

This time we are presenting the toy that will not leave you indifferent. LEGO is a company that doesn’t need much introduction. Each of us grew up with their amazing products and they have left us with a wonderful memories from childhood. Lego toys, not only that develop the child's intelligence and motor skills, but also imagination and intellect. This set is the best Lego toy for children of all ages, form 2 to 77 years!

Lego Death Star is not just a toy, it is the desire of every man who grew up with the Star Wars movies.


This set consists of 3803 parts and you’ll be needing about 3 days to assemble it, so it is worth every cent you invest.




You will get the original Death Star with deck, command center, the emperor capsule, an elevator, a cannon and a trash compactor. It will be used as a toy, but also it will be a decoration in your home, because of its fascinating size. The set is almost 42cm tall and 41cm wide! Also, you'll get the dolls like Lego Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and several droids to make your childhood fantasy come to life and every scene from the movie can now be played in your living room.


This exclusive set is sent only to America, but do not worry because there is a solution on how to get this toy to your home. By registering with us you will get free U.S. address and we'll send you the package the cheapest way possible.


May The Force Be With You!