Keep Your Devices Charged!

We have looked into the world of high technology and game gadgets. We found one quite interesting product that will give a new dimension to your portable devices. 

How many times has it happened that the battery of your smartphones, laptops or iPad, didn’t last as much as it should? If you've ever experienced that, you should know that there is a solution!

Linear Technology Company is a world’s leader manufacturer in mobile gadgets for iPad, MacBook, laptops and Android phones. 

Hyper juice plug

We present to you the ultimate portable battery for all kinds of portable devices - HyperJuice Plug.

Battery which is made from the latest military and medical technology is packed in this cool aluminum housing. You can charge two iPad devices at the same time. With this little gadget, business meeting will never be ruined and picnic music from your phone will last all night. 

If you decide to buy this interesting gadget, you should know that if you connect two devices, it will distribute electricity by itself. For example, you can charge a laptop and a mobile phone at the same time. It will allocate more power charging laptop, because laptop needs more power than a mobile phone.

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Keep your devices charged!

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Stackry team.