How long can I store my USA purchases without incurring a storage fee?

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How long can I store my USA purchases without incurring a storage fee?

Stackry features 45 days free storage for International customers!!!

If you want to delay having your packages forwarded outside the USA, Stackry will hold your purchases securely, in your personalized locker, free of charge up to 45 days.

Some customers find this helpful so they can later consolidate their USA purchases and save up to 80% with our consolidation feature. That's right --- up to 80%!

If you’d like to know more about Stackry’s cutting edge consolidation feature, check out our package consolidation video and read about consolidating packages on our blog.

After that 45 day period, you will be contacted by the Stackry team to determine if Stackry should forward your packages to your home or if you'd like Stackry to continue to store your USA packages at a nominal charge.

International customers utilize their personalized locker as a way to buy items in the USA on sale and continue shopping for other items they want. Later, they have Stackry consolidate their packages to maximize their savings when shipping internationally.


We just had an avid Lego collector from England buying rare legos from various sites and then saving them to his locker. He also added in some Lord of the Rings legos from Amazon and Target. By shopping in the USA and consolidating his purchases, he was able to save over 70% on what each individual shipment would have cost. The customer told us, if we wasn't able store for free and consolidate, it wouldn't have made financial sense for him to shop in the USA and ship to England.