How can I consolidate my packages into one forwarded shipment?

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How can I consolidate my packages into one forwarded shipment?

Consolidating Packages is Simple, Easy and Fun with Stackry!

Consolidating packages for international shipping is easy with Stackry. Our customers continue to tell us it is one of their favorite features.

To consolidate packages with Stackry, simply:

  1. Login to your Stackrydev account. You are automatically taken to your account page which shows all of your orders across the top shelf.
  2. Drag and drop all of your orders that are on the top shelf into one box below the shelf. This creates a consolidated shipment.
  3. Click on the box below the shelf. It will show all of your items in one shipment, your consolidation fee and the total value of your items.
  4. To confirm your consolidated shipment, click on the green Consolidate button in the lower left hand side of the pop up box.
  5. Our operations team will get an email with your request to consolidate.
  6. We will consolidate all of your items into the smallest box (number of boxes) possible.
  7. Once consolidation is complete, you will receive an email confirming that your shipment has been consolidated.
  8. You can log in again or click on the link provided in your email to view pricing and shipping options.
  9. Once you are happy with your consolidation and are ready to ship, you can pay for your package forwarding. What methods of payment does Stackry accept?

To see how this is done, you can take a look at or

Here's the video that shows how simple consolidation of your packages can be!