How can I consolidate my packages?

Consolidating packages for international shipping is easy with Stackry. Our customers continue to tell us it is one of their favorite features.


In order to request a new consolidation, please follow these instructions:

1.  Login to your account and go to your Dashboard. Go to the Received Packages section.


2. Select  the packages that you want to consolidate by checking the box to the left of package code then click on “New Shipment”


3. Click on “Details” to add customs information. 



4. Tell us what is inside of each package. The red (Please add customs information) next to the package code at the top of this screen means you need to enter detail about what is in that package and value by clicking on “Add item”.



5.  Enter the package infromation and click on “save”



6. After you have entered detail about all packages. Click “Next”



7. Select the address you will ship your package to. Click “Next”



8. Tell us what your packaging options to be, make selections on invoices, retailer packaging, etc.


You will not have the ability to make changes or update the consolidation until we are finished consolidating your packages. Once you submit the consolidation, the request will show up below the “Shipments in Progress” tab of your dashboard will show “Consolidation Requested” Once we finish you will have a button that shows “Finalize”, at which point you will be able to log in, see your new consolidated package information, and ship your package.