Happy Stackry Boxes in the Year 2012

Year 2012 has brought a great number of packages to our service and all of them have been successfully delivered, meaning that this year has brought more satisfied clients to Stackry. We are dedicating this blog post to show our appreciation to all of our clients across the globe – thanks for being with all this time.

New Year

You are the ones to thank to for our success and our motivation to keep upgrading our services in the upcoming year. 

Our field of expertize is international shipping and so far we have managed to respond to all of your needs by creating useful features: consolidation, referrals and affiliate feature.

Alongside with features, we have created a user-friendly application interface, which allows you to easily create packages and shipments. 

Also, we love to write blogs and we invite you to join us on our social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

We wish you a Happy New Year! 

Love from,

Stackry Team