Happy New Year!

New Year

New Year is a holiday celebrated on the 31st of December in all countries of the world and it represents the biggest party of the year. In the 20th century, television has played a large part in the popularization of New Year’s Eve. 

Residents of America celebrate the New Year when the traditional lighting ball drops in Manhattan. This is probably the most famous tradition in the United States. Thousands gather to watch the ball make its one-minute descent, arriving exactly at midnight.

Without any second thoughts, London is the most fascinating New Year Eve location in the entire Europe. The whole city turns into a massive street party, with thousands dancing and celebrating at Trafalgar and Parliament Square. Fireworks set up at the major points of London are something entire world looks forward to.

These are pretty usual receptions, but let’s see some other wicked belief from all around the world.

For example, the Spanish ritual on New Year's Eve is to eat twelve grapes at midnight. The tradition is meant to secure twelve happy months in the upcoming year. In Greece, one of the traditional foods is Vassilopitta or St. Basil's cake. A silver or gold coin is baked inside the cake. Whoever finds the coin in will have good fortune.

Be original and congratulate New Year to yours friends in different languages. We will help you!

Afrikan - Vorspoedige nuwe jaar

Arabic - ??? ???? (aam saiid) / sana saiida

Chinese (mandarin) -????(Xin nian kuai le)

Czech - štastný nový rok

French - bonne année

German - Ein glückliches neues Jahr

Greek - Eutychismenos o kainourgios chromos

Indonesian - selamat tahun baru

Irish - Ath bhliain faoi mhaise

Italian - Felice Anno Nuovo

Japanese -????? ????? ????? (akemashite omedetô)

Norwegian - Godt nyttår

Polish - Szczesliwego nowego roku

Russian - ? ????? ?????

Serbian – Srecna Nova Godina

Spanish - Feliz año Nuevo

Turkish - Yeni yiliniz kutlu olsun

Ukrainian - ????????? ?????? ????

Welsh - Blwyddyn newydd dda


Love from Stackry team!

And we say to you – Happy New Year!