Footlocker's Deal - Nike Free Run!

Now when Olympic are over and impressions are summed, it’s time to turn off your TV, take off your headphones and get into the real shape!

Give your body a new task which can be achieved easily by wearing appropriate equipment. We love to say - the best fun is to go out and run!

We have found you a great deal, the newest Nike’s product - a free run Nike series!

Nike free run shoes

Why do you think we recommended Nike Free Run shoes?

First of all, Nike is a company that needs no introduction. They are the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. On the other side, Foot Locker is the second biggest USA Company in selling sport goods, next to Eastbay. So, there’s no doubt in quality of Nike’s running sneakers.

In a crowd of various Nike running shoes, we singled out this particular one.

If you didn’t know, running shoes prevent injuries and strengthen the joints on a completely new level. They create unique felling of running barefoot. Breathable mesh and synthetic multi-layer gives a feeling that sneakers are our second skin.

Cushioning is made of high tech Sculpted Phylite, a special material developed especially for Nike. One more useful thing about this shoe is that there is carbon rubber heel for the safe and ultimate grip between leg and surface. Due to high end materials used on Nike free run, they are one of the most lightweight sport running shoes ever!

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Love form Stackry team!