Find Your Perfect Shoes for Working!

Last week we wrote about products with “Made in USA” label on it. In relation with that, we taught it might be nice to suggest you one particular product we found interesting! We decided to present The Union Boot Pro shoes. 

The Union Boot Pro sells nothing but Made in USA shoes, from one of America's oldest work boot manufacturers - Weinbrenner Shoe Company. They are the leading manufacturer and a pioneering force in the American footwear industry since the beginning operations in 1892. 

The Union Boot Pro carry a variety of American made boots of all types, for men and women. They have a wide variety of sizes in several widths. One of the biggest advantages is that they take custom orders and can make the shoes of your own choosing!


The Union Boot Pro


Those Thorogood boots  are designed to meet the demands of world’s toughest jobs and the safety standards required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). They are waterproof - you should be able to stand in 4" of water for one hour without the boots leaking. They have safety steel on toe, it is manufactured with electric shock resisting electrical hazard and soles and heels capable of withstanding 14,000 volts. These are just some of the benefits that they have!


You probably think how it can be a bit unsafe to order boots or shoes online. But the Union Boot Pro was step ahead of you! They made sizing guidelinses and if you follow it, you won’t have a problem. Download and print their foot sizing template to check your foot measurements and you can’t go wrong. Tutorials are easy and simple to use.


Using the Union Boot Pro as your retailer is a good choice, because they offer discounts to Union members. It amounts up to 27% off the list price. It’s an excellent bargain for a high-quality American-made work boot.


Now that we’ve introduced you Thorogood working shoes, it’s time to make some measurements and order one that fits you! Register and get your USA address for free! Stackry will ship them to your home address safely. 


Love from Stackry team!