Fashion update from Stackry

We are presenting a few fresh fashion recommendations from Stackry on several carefully selected USA brands. 

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein offers a cutting-edge design, innovative fabrics, and exceptional fit and quality. Although CK is predominantly known for its underwear in Europe, you can now track this label's active sales and order anything that fits into your selection directly from USA. Of course, Stackry will deliver the goods right at your feet!

But we are not only delivering! We bring you all the information necessary to make a good choice while shopping fashion items. 

Currently on sale at Calvin Klein Jeans are sweaters which are 75% off, both for men and women. Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

Calvin Klein jeans collection

Michael Kors

The best known Michael Kors's fashion designs are classic American sportswear for women. If you want to feel like Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta - Jones or if you are more into Michelle Obama, you should definitely choose Michael Kors's designs, because all of these women wore it!

We've combined a couple of items that are on sale, you can see the prices for yourself, it is amazing!

Michael Kors sales items

Banana Republic

If you are a passionate fashion hunter than you are familiar with a mainstream luxury clothing retailer – Banana Republic.

Here’s their sale's offer and our suggestion, along with the price. 

Banana Republic men items on sale

Don’t forget that we ship the merchandize where ever you are and we have a special deal here at Stackry, you can save more with our Sophisticated Consolidation Program just by dragging multiple packages to the same box.

Buy online with you own USA address and save a lot of money through Stackry service!