Fashion Trending Topics in 2012

Fashion trends

Fashion is unchangeable in its essence, but fashion trends in 2012 brought a lot of different styles. In 2012 we saw fresh colors, printed dresses, leather, baroque, turtlenecks, and velvet. Whether you loved them or not, these were the trends that went from runway to reality!

Fashion trends 2012 indicated to stick to three colors when dressing up. The prints were inevitable and many designers found Africa as a great source of inspiration. That’s why they included animal prints, not only on dresses, but on shoes and handbags. Spring and summer brought us fashion sunglasses, shorts and light clothing and in fall and winter we enjoyed warm chunky sweaters and lots of feather. One of the main trends of 2012 was to show your waist by tucking your shirt in your pants. 

The new styles are approaching with the arrival of the New Year. The fashion trends for 2013 have focus on vivid colors such as blue, pink and brown, with all its shades. Head bands will be new fashion trend for 2013! It is simple accessory that can intensify the beauty of your dress by wearing it. It is recommended to be worn with bracelet and earrings. 


You will be able to wear shirt and trousers of the same or contrast colors. Stripes, floral prints, water inspired spring, bermuda shorts, deep and bright colors and crop tops are just some of the things that we can expect in the 2013. Simply, 2013 will bring back the ‘80s, but with just one new rule - wear whatever you like but this time, you must look elegant!


Fashion designers say that fashion is not exactly what is seen on TV or fashion shows. It is the inner desire of looking beautiful. So make your own style and combine pieces of clothing with your personality, because fashion is created for people with different personalities and lifestyles. 


Love from Stackry team!