Expand Your Horizons with the Nite Rider!

Most of the people who take care of their health properly, ride a bike. Why? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons why to choose a bike instead of any other transportation. Let’s mention some of the most important. 

First of all, you’re improving your health. Cycling reduces stress, improves coordination and heart health, eats up calories and it’s the easiest way to exercise.

There are practical reasons, as well. You can save the planet by not producing harmful gases, also you’ll avoid traffic jams and never have to deal with parking issues again. Think about this and be a person who sets a good example!

We’ve prepared something very interesting on this topic. We’re talking about the Nite Rider Lumina 500, the front light for your bike. 

Nite Rider Lumina 500

Since the fall and winter are approaching, the night comes earlier. It is important, for your safety, that your bike is well equipped for the night ride

Nite Rider is classified as the only halogen headlight for a bike, for a completely professional use. In fact it is so good, that you can use it in the night off road ride through the woods. The professional cyclists know how dangerous it is, but also, quite challenging.

There’s one more thing you should know. Light is easily mounted on a bicycle and it is USB chargeable. Battery lasts over two hours of riding and that makes it the best in the class. 

Stackry will make sure that if you buy this light, you’ll get a package as soon as possible to your address. If you are interested and not our user yet, follow these easy instructions for registration.

Have a safe ride!

Love from,
Stackry team!