Elmo Brings Back Memories!

Fisher-Price Company is a leading manufacturer of smart and interactive toys for babies, but also children of all ages. As much as it will impress you, your children will love it. When you pack the high-end technology with the ingenious toy manufacturer, you'll get the ELMO LIVE doll!

This plush red pretty doll has been children’s friend since 1970 and the hero of the series Sesame Street. Along with the popular Muppet Show, Sesame Street is a masterpiece of Jim Henson.


This toy hasn’t been seen yet. Fisher-Price was able to breathe a life into a plushsy doll. When you get your Elmo out of the box he will cuddle you, sing and tell you stories. If you pinch his nose Elmo will scream and if you stroke his stomach, he would enjoy. The funniest thing is that if you kiss him, he will kiss you back. Children will be simply hypnotised with one of the most colorful characters they've seen on the screen. They will not believe that he is in front of them singing and dancing in their room.


The toy has the gestures and the movements like a real Elmo from a TV screen. If you knock it by accident he will ask you to fix him, with "Thank you"!

Let your childhood hero to be a hero for your kid. At these times when the world is becoming harder place to live Elmo is an ultra hero of good manners, kindness and joy.

If you are an old schooler and nostalgic, you can buy your own Elmo and bring back memories. Our company will take care of shipping and carry your toddler. We strongly advise you to see how to use our services and order your Elmo. Register with us and save more money on shipping!

Love from, 
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