Design By Humans T - Shirts

Let’s face it – T-Shirts are something you can buy on every corner!

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t care about brands and all you want is a T-shirt that sends a message about who you are, what you love and support - continue reading!

We found some amazing T-shirts that you will absolutely adore! They are Design By Humans.
Among original and different T-shirts you will certainly find something that goes along with your style.

What is interesting about this site is that they organize design contests where everyone is invited to submit T-shirts designs for an opportunity to win $1000. Once a design is submitted it has to be approved by Design By Humans and it is time for the voting. Winners are announced daily and awarded with $1000 cash and 6 free T-shirts! So, if you are an artist, or just a regular person with interesting ideas this is the right spot for you!

We chose some shirts that are in the Top 50, like puppet, no fear and fresh air.

Top 50 T-Shirts Design By Humans

Also, we found some that are not top rated, but present such a powerful piece of art, with pirates, meteors and music!

Design By Humans T-Shirts

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