Deal Websites and Stackry Low Rates a Recipe for Shopping Success

Have you ever searched the Internet for great deals only to realize you have spent and hour or two searching through a dozen or more sites and you have not found what you are looking for?

We have done that more times than we like to admit.

We’ve found that the best shortcut for shopping success has been using a few trusted “deal sites”. Shoppers check these sites most days and review the featured deals, hoping to score a deep discount on items that have been on their wish list.

Often, shoppers find these deals, make their purchases and have lots of goods sent to their personal Stackry locker. With free storage for up to 45 days with Stackry, shoppers have more than a month to collect lots of purchases to send home. When these shoppers consolidate their USA purchases with Stackry, they get deep savings on their purchases and also save up to 80% by shipping their packages in one or two consolidated packages.

Stackry has the best dim weight calculation in the industry, no membership fees and low consolidation fees. We’ve designed our pricing to be simple and easy to understand. We want to save you money on your international package forwarding.

So, what are the favorite deal sites of our most active customers?

Some shoppers tell us DealsPlus is a great spot for varied shopping deals and they offer great coupon codes for top sites.

Tech savvy shoppers who ship with Stackry every month tend to like TechBargains for their technology purchases. Common purchases we see come through one of our warehouses are laptops, computer peripherals, gaming items and digital cameras.

Lastly, some of our most active shoppers love the coupon codes, deals and selection of items at FatWallet! They rejoice at the product selection on their website. It is also common for Stackry shoppers to consolidate their USA purchases made through FatWallet.

Deal sites make the savings Stackry customers already experience even larger. Stackry customers already have with no annual fees, the lowest rates in all regions of the Globe and the customer trust exhibited by the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.