Compliments from Customers Who Shop the USA and Ship to the Middle East

Stackry enjoys relationships with many loyal customers throughout the world. We often receive words of thanks from worldwide shoppers who shop USA stores and forward packages to their home.

We've decided to share some of these kind words with the rest of our customers. We just love hearing how well we are doing at forwarding your packages to Europe, expediting your purchases to the Middle East, consolidating your shopping boxes and sending them to Argentina, Australia, England, Macedonia and other stops throughout the Globe

Have some kind words of your own to share?  Send us a note about our package forwarding service at [email protected] and we may feature you on future customer testimonial posts.

This week, we are featuring just a few of the testimonials that have arrived from Middle East shoppers who buy goods on USA sites and have their parcels sent home with their Stackry account


My co-workers and I feel very fortunate we discovered your service.  We’ve used Stackry for special gifts, for a couple technology items and for decorations for children’s birthday gatherings.  All items have arrived on time.  We look forward to a long relationship with Stackry.Happy customer

-- Nasser
`Saudi Arabia

I use your package forwarding service around twice a month.  It helps me get items for my store and my customers enjoy the goods I cannot get elsewhere.  On behalf of my customers, I thank you many times.

-- Firoz

My cousin in England has used Stackry to ship USA products to his children in university there and in New Zealand.  His children love the goods and he loves the service and prices.  I used Stackry in January and was surprised at how easy it was.  Now my wife wants to shop Nordstrom and Macy’s all the time.

-- Adnan

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