Why You Can Look Beyond FedEx and Gerry’s for Shipping Products Overseas

Mar 21, 2018

When it comes to shipping an item overseas, the first name that often comes to mind is FedEx. Of course, FedEx has been around for several years and operated worldwide, but it does not mean there is no competition for it in the market. Let’s take a look at what factors you need to consider before hiring the services of an international courier. 

What to Look for When Selecting International Shipping


There is no denying that FedEx and Gerry’s are among some of the best services out there when you look at the duration they have served the industry for and international destinations they cover. However, if you go on FedEx’s website you will notice that there has been an increase in prices across the board for FedEx shipping. On many occasions, they will charge you for the membership and then on your deliveries.

Easy Pricing

When you want to deliver a parcel from one country to another country, you want to keep things simple. On the contrary, most of the big companies like Gerry’s and FedEx make the pricing model quite difficult. They have enveloped, cartons and various other ways to pack your items and charge you differently for each package type. As a consumer, what you want is easy and affordable pricing. Also keep in mind that increasing or decreasing the number of days required for delivery as well as the weight can also change your rates.

Consolidation Shipping

One of the things you have to look for when choosing your international courier is consolidation shipping. Consolidation shipping can help you save a lot of money but not all the couriers offer this option. If you are shipping multiple packages across borders, shipping can become a nightmare for you due to the added costs. You have to see if you can put all the items in one place and ship them together to save money.


Sometimes, you end up paying more for the shipment only because your courier is not paying attention to the details. In most cases, it’s the domestic shipping wherein your package shipment costs you more because there is no consideration of dimensional weight. The retailer will package your items in large boxes, and when dimensional weight is calculated, you end up paying for the “volume” despite the physical weight of your items being meager. In simple words, you are paying for space your item has not even occupied. Think about it: if someone packaged a baseball in a shoe box, wouldn’t that cost you a lot when they charge you for the volume of your package?

Hazmat Shipping

Many international brands brag about hazmat (hazardous material) shipping. They give you the impression that other shipping service providers don’t offer hazmat shipping and handling. Not all courier services offer hazmat shipping because it is a risky job, but when a company does offer this service it should be easy and affordable.

Shopping on Your Behalf

So, you like a wristwatch on a US retailer’s website, and you want to order it as soon as possible. The moment you place the order you are notified that your order cannot go through because the card you are using is from foreign service. In this particular case, it does not matter how good a courier service is because you will never be able to order the item you want to ship.

Storing for Free

You don’t always want your items shipped instantly. Sometimes, you order one item and then want it to be in the warehouse while you order something else. Of course, you can do that but the costs of storage will be very heavy on your pocket.

Special Requests

Stackry has special services for the convenience of its customers. If you want to see your items before they are shipped to you, the company will take pictures and send them to you. You can request more information for just $2. For the pictures, you have to pay just $3 for seeing one picture or $7 to get five pictures. 

Looking at all the factors of choosing the right international shipping, you might think that one of Gerry’s, FedEx or UPS has to be the winner. However, you will be surprised to know that there are other services on the market that have simplified international shipping and added features that have left even the biggest international shipping giants behind. One of the best alternatives to these international couriers is Stackry. Here is some information on why Stackry has the potential to beat services like FedEx or Gerry’s when it comes to international shipping.


Stackry is a shipping solution designed especially for those who live outside the US but like to do online shopping on US websites. The company makes it easy for these shoppers to place their orders and have them shipped to their doorsteps all around the world. While affordability is the major factor in Stackry’s service, our second most important focus is making the shipping process easier.

Is Stackry a Better Alternative?

·         Affordability

Stackry does not have any membership fees. You can become a member without paying. There are no monthly charges. There is a $10 fee for each retailer from which you order. There is also an 8.5% charge of the value of your order that maximizes at $100.

·         Easy Pricing

Stackry’s pricing is very straightforward. When you look at the pricing, it is what you see—there are no hidden costs involved. When it says you have to pay $2 for a consolidation shipment, it will be $2.

·         Consolidation Shipping

With many popular and worldwide services, you have to pay for every package that you want to be shipped to your house. Stackry can help you save up to 80% on your orders. Rather than treating every package as a separate package, the company consolidates them into one box and saves you the money.

·         Repacking

The repacking service ensures that your item goes into a package of its size. The right sizes package can save customers a lot of money.

·         Hazmat Shipping

With Stackry, you can have many different types of hazardous materials shipped. There is a processing fee of $12.50 that you have to pay for each Hazmat type that is to be shipped, and that’s about it.

·         Shopping on Your Behalf

While other shippers never look into this problem, Stackry has the shopping service that lets you buy from any retailer without the worries of having your credit card rejected.

·         Storing for Free

It won’t be wrong to say that this is one of Stackry’s strength. If you don’t want your item immediately but are waiting for it to be shipped on someone’s birthday, you can store it in Stackry’s warehouse. Stackry will not charge a single penny for storing your items for up to 45 days.

·         Special Requests

Stackry is accepting BitCoins. It shows the company’s foresight and also makes things much more convenient for customers.


If you are looking for international shipping, you have all the options before you. You can research on the internet to know what’s best for you. However, looking at the features that Stackry is offering, you are definitely getting great value for the money you spend.


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