What's Hot on Amazon Right Now?

Jun 17, 2022

What’s Hot on Amazon Right Now?

Have you ever wondered what’s really popular for online shoppers in the US?

Amazon.com is a great place to shop or look for ideas and inspiration. It’s also a great place to compare prices on items you’re interested in. However, many don’t realize that you can easily browse Amazon’s most popular or new release items directly on their website.

Do you know what it’s like when you’re looking for that special present online but want to get something you know they’ll like? Or you’re looking for that cool, helpful thing you didn’t know you needed? Or, you want to know what’s currently in style so that your new purchases will fit in with current trends?

We all know those feelings. That’s why Amazon provides a few great but lesser-known features for shoppers. These features can be found on the main menu: Best Sellers, New Releases, and Movers & Shakers.

Today, we’ll introduce you to a few of the Movers & Shakers so that you can learn more about what’s hot on Amazon right now. We’ll provide links to the site so you can explore until your heart’s contented. In addition, knowing about these lesser-known Amazon gems will help you become a better shopper!

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Amazon Movers & Shakers

Amazon’s Movers & Shakers category displays the items that are their “biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours,” according to their website. Furthermore, the list is refreshed hourly. It’s hard to get more updated shopping stats than this.

Amazon Automotive

You’ll see all kinds of things in the Automotive section. You know the item, its placement on the list, and even how much it has recently changed in rank. Sometimes, the sharp increase in sales will leave you scratching your head and thinking, “Why are so many people buying this all of a sudden?”

Other times, you’ll say, “Yeah, that makes sense.” For example, it’s summer in the US right now. And, much of the US is experiencing an extreme heat wave, or rise in temperature, that isn’t common for this time of year.

At the time of this writing, one of the top 10 items on the list is the EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade, which you can put under your front window when you’re not in the car to help protect the interior from the Sun, UV rays, and heat.

Amazon Beauty

The Beauty items list seems less reactive to the weather – at least at first glance. So, for example, you may expect sunscreen or products that protect you from harmful UV rays. But that’s not the case.

Yet, there does seem to be a dramatic increase in moisturizing lotions. For example, at the time of writing, a new, previously unranked brand has skyrocketed to the first four positions.

There are four skincare products from a company called CeraVe. One of the top positions is held by CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin.

Amazon Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry

Moving to Amazon’s Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry list, we clearly see the influence of weather changes again. The top positions are held by clothing and foot gear for hot weather.

For example, three of the top ten spots house sandals from Native Shoes, Birkenstock, and Crocs brands. The largest mover of those three is Native Shoes Unisex-Child Jefferson Sneaker, which has recently seen a 231% increase in sales.

Amazon Electronics

The top positions in Electronics are another category that hardly seems responsive to the weather. The only indication may be the position changes in photo-related items. In the summertime, many US citizens take vacation time away from work with friends and family members.

Naturally, people want to take photos and make memories of the good time shared together. So, for instance, the Bluetooth-compatible Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro has seen a 442% jump in sales.

We hope you find our introduction to Amazon Movers & Shakers helpful! Stay tuned for more insights on shopping online from the USA. And if you need further assistance setting up your Stackry U.S.-based address and locker, you can contact us at support@stackry.com

Remember to check the merchant’s site to ensure your form of payment is accepted and review any other terms, conditions, or guidelines for purchases and shipping.

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