Upcoming Tech Trends


This year will be all about number eight! Microsoft has announced the release of new Windows 8 upgrade in January 2013. It is interesting that Microsoft has begun developing this system before Windows 7, but it was released to manufacturing in August 2012. Until now, Windows 8 is getting grate reviews and we can’t wait to see what the new upgrade will bring!

In 2013, we can expect thinner screens, flexible displays as touch screen configurations continue to be trendy. Higher standards for wide monitors, the new generation of smartphones and smaller and faster tablets, are just some of the novelties for this year. New MacBook Retina will be released and a range of “all-in-one” combinations of a laptop, desktop and tablet devices.

Gamers will be amazed with new consoles, Amazon will launch its own smartphone and each of these novelties carries even more accessories, gadgets, handbags, etc. According to the report in Taiwan Economic News, Foxconn – the company best known as the production factory behind iPhone and iPad – has begun manufacturing a new smartphone handset for Amazon. The report claims that Foxconn is working to produce around 5 million units. The report claims that Amazon's smartphone will be offered for a price somewhere in the range of $100 to $200. 

Colors will be very trendy in 2013, as opposed to the previous standard combinations of classic shades such as black, gray and blue. As an example, look at these HTC Windows 8X and 8S phones. HTC 8X is rated as a “monster phone”, but also, 8S version delivers a dual-core processor, very good screen and a 5-megapixel camera. The Windows Phone 8 operating system still uses the simplistic, but effective tile system for its apps and shortcuts and many of these are now resizable so you can fit more on the screen.

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