Top Mother’s Day Gifts for 2018

Feb 21, 2018

Top Mother’s Day Gifts for 2018

Given all the work they do every year, mothers’ deserve to have a day off and to be treated specially. That day this year will be on May 13.

Whether you mom is into homemade gifts or the latest tech gadgets here is a list that is sure to please your mom this year.


Gift ideas for the digital diva

Does your mom like to be connected? Is she always looking for the latest gadget? Here are some sure-to-please ideas just for her.

Echo Show: this hands-off device can show you almost anything you ask for, including videos, music lyrics, security cameras, photos, forecasts, shopping lists and more. You can also make video calls and connect to other Echo devices in your home. Mom can now check on the baby, turn on or off the lights, set the thermostat and so much more just by asking.

Kindle E-Reader: What mom doesn’t enjoy some quiet time out reading her favorite novel? Make it even easier for her to get away with an e-reader this year. There are over a million titles at her fingertips all at low prices.

Noise-cancelling headphones: Screaming kids, loud music and an endless barge of television shows can leave mom wanting a little peace and quiet. Why not give her a break with a pair of earphones that can block out all the nuisance noises? Mom will be able to give her ears a rest with the push of a simple, noise-cancellation button. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


Gift ideas for the practical mom

Flowing pajama set: A wonderful way to indulge mom is with a soft, two-piece pajama set so she can end her day in comfort. Add an extra flair by getting them in her favorite color.  

Stylish cardigan: A lightweight, comfortable but chic cardigan in one of her favorite colors is sure to go a long way with mom this year.

Handmade gift ideas for mom

Scented candles: Homemade candles with the soft scent of vanilla or the refreshing smell of cinnamon is a unique and memorable way to let your mom know you care. Give her a chance to unwind by sending her a homemade candle created from soy wax and labeled especially for mom.

Keepsake poem wall art: Wall art is a beautiful item for your mom to display in her home or office. Plus, this poem will let her know how much she means to you.

Tiled wall décor: Home décor can be a creative way to remind your mom how much she means every day. The Home Family Love wall decoration is something she can look at every day to remind her of you.

Throw pillow: Add some fun to your mom’s world with a throw pillow that includes a quote to let her know how special she is. A bonus for mom is how easy it is to clean: the cover slips off for a quick wash.

Precious Moment’s memory jar: This decorative container is filled with 50 cards where you can write down the reasons why your mom is the best. This is a terrific way to let her know just how much she means to you.

For the mom-to-be

Pregnancy Journal: Help make memories that last for the mom-to-be. This journal is the ideal place to record all the different stages of pregnancy. It also has space to add photos and customized messages as well as room for a sonogram image on the cover.

Gift ideas to spoil your mother

Caring Comfort Gift Pack: Give your mom a reason to relax by sending her a gift pack that includes a warm throw blanket, neck pillow, eye mask and cozy socks. It even comes with its own tote bag, so she can take it anywhere and find relaxation.

Stylish purse: Let her be the best-looking mom on the block with a stylish new purse to show off. With extra pockets, so she can hide all those must-have items, this bag comes with a cloth bow accessory for extra flare.

Fancy tote: Whether it is at the gym or the beach, keep mom looking trendy with a Tommy Duffle. This ideal present for the practical mom includes a zipper closure in the strong, nylon bag.

Shiny gift ideas for mom

Necklace: Why not help her sparkle this Mother’s Day with a heart pendant just for her?  This crystal heart has her name all over it.  


Heart cluster ring: A unique piece of jewelry the Heart Cluster ring is a creative way to help mom keep the thought all her loved ones close to her heart. Comes with names engraved and a heart-shaped jewel in the color of birthstone for every family member.

Personalized birthstone ring: Shaped in the image of a mother’s embrace, this unique birthstone ring is 24 gold-plated and can include up to five names with matching crystal birthstones.

Silver plated keychain: Covered with Swarovski crystal accents this keychain is a great way for her to remember your love every time she is out.


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