Top 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Jan 26, 2018

Forget chocolates and flowers, what your Valentine really wants is something tangible, something they can hold, and a gift that reminds them of you every time they see it.

If you are not sure what that could be here are some of the best gift ideas for the woman or man in your life this Valentine’s Day.

Top 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 

Cashmere sweater: A cashmere sweater is a warm and soft gift to represent your affection.  Not only is it beautiful but you can also get it in any color, just to show her how well you know what she likes.

Jigsaw Puzzle: While this may seem unromantic, it is a gift with deep meaning. There are many companies that will customize a puzzle for you. You can select an image of the two of you or of a beautiful trip you took together to make it a personalized reflection of your love.

Tile Mate Item Tracker: A practical and caring gift for those who tend to lose things. The Tile Mate will help her organize her items and she’ll know how much you care about her peace of mind.

Watch: A watch will be a constant reminder of you that she can take everywhere. Depending on her personality, you can make it elegant one that sparkles or a more practical one that keeps her connected.

Earrings: Not ready for a ring? Then let her know how you feel with a dazzling set of earrings that she can wear proudly. It is a subtle way that lets the world know how much she means to you.

Purse or wallet: Give her something exquisite and fancy this year by getting her an eye-catching purse or wallet that she can use when she goes out for the evening.

Gold-plated picture frame: What a better reminder of your affection than a permanent fixture on the wall? You’ll get bonus points if you put in a beautiful photo of the two of you together.

Perfume: Perfume has been a traditional gift for women for years and it is easy to see why. Beautiful and sensual scents that stay with her all day remind her of your gentle and delightful presence in her life.

Digital photo keychain: A fantastic way to keep those memorable moments alive. Compact and easy to use, a digital photo keychain is a wonderful way to stay in her thoughts throughout the day.

Top 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Wallet: One of the most traditional ways to show your love is also still one of the best. Select one that is a handmade and leather. You can even personalize the gift by having his initials put on it.

Cufflinks: Give him a way to express his fun and youthfulness with original cufflinks. It will show that you not only love his sense of style but that you also adore his boyish charm, which will make him feel loved and appreciated.

VR Headset: Give him an experience he won’t forget. For the tech lover a virtual reality headset offers a unique visual experience. He will also be able to access a variety of videos and games that will keep him entertained.

Smart watch: Help him stay connected to you by getting him the latest tech gear. A smart watch will ensure he won’t miss your next message or phone call.

Embroidered bathrobe: Is there anything better than lounging around in a warm robe on the weekends. Pick one that is snug, and have it personalized with his initials.

Leather briefcase: A distinguished way to express your love as well as a practical need for any man is a suitable and stylish briefcase. Look for one with plenty of room and preferably zippers to keep his valuables safe. Side pockets are an attractive feature as well to keep those items he needs to find quickly (like his phone to call you).

Traditional tie: A tie can be a fashionable gift that keeps him looking good while he is reminded of you all day long. You will get bonus points if you can find one that has been designed with fine Italian craftsmanship in a fabric that is soft and lightweight.

Polaroid POP camera: Capture all your moments together with this easy-to-use digital camera from Polaroid.  It is available in lots of fun colors too.

Love notes: Let him know how you feel with personalized love notes that he can read all day long. Delivered in a handmade wooden box, these notes are tied with twine and made to order.

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