The Best Way to Bring Nike SNKRS to Your Doorstep

Feb 26, 2019

Here at Stackry, our mission is to give you access to the best fashion and clothing accessories, regardless of your location. If you live outside of the USA, it can be difficult to buy Nike’s newest and most sought after sneakers. These shoes are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, so they often sell out fast! Without having a plan to secure your place in line, you’ll have a hard time scoring the latest sneakers from Nike—as the nicest sneakers are sometimes bought up within minutes! 

To help you get your hands on the most popular shoes Nike has to offer, we’ve put together this guide.  You’ll learn the secrets to scoring the latest and greatest additions to Nike’s lineup using their SNKRS app. Read on to learn how to bring your SNKRS game to the next level!

How to Install The SNKRS App Outside the U.S.:

U.S. shoppers are able to use the SNKRS app to reserve their place in line when seeking out Nike’s latest batch of limited-edition sneakers. From time to time, users may even be given the option of buying the sneakers immediately! However, the app isn’t foolproof, and sometimes the most popular items can still slip through your fingers. Nonetheless, Nike’s SNKRS app is your best option if you’re looking to score the latest styles.

Installing The SNKRS App

The first step in securing your pair of limited edition Nike sneakers is to install the SNKRS app onto your phone.

For Android users, the process of installing the SNKRS app on your device is fairly quick and easy. Follow this link and simply download the APK. After the download has finished, continue on to your Download of Files folder and install the app by opening the file. After the install has finished, you can open up the SNKRS application and create your account.

For iPhone users, the process isn’t quite as simple. To make it easier for you to get the SNKRS app installed on your iOS device, follow the instructions in this video.

Where Should You Get Your New Sneakers Shipped?

After you’ve successfully installed the SNKRS app onto your Android or iOS device, you’re still left with the problem of SNKRS not shipping outside of the United States. Fortunately for you, we’ve detailed what steps you can take to get your hands on Nike’s limited edition offerings, regardless of your location:

In order to get your newly-purchased Nike sneakers to your door, you’ll need to take advantage of a reshipping service such as Stackry. These reshipping services allow you to buy a product from a U.S. vendor, and then have it shipped to a secure U.S.-based address before forwarding it to you.

At Stackry, we take pride in being your first choice for reshipping your new Nike sneakers. Our services are highly affordable, and we guarantee that whatever you buy will make it to your doorstep safe and sound!

To get started with us, navigate to our website and create your account. After your hassle-free account is created, it’s time to move on to your dashboard: There, you’ll find the address to our warehouse, where you’ll have your very own locker to store all your purchases. Copy down the provided address, and then set it as your primary shipping address within the SNKRS app.

How to get SNKRS outside the USA

Congratulations, you’re now ready to begin shopping with Nike’s SNKRS app! You’ll have instant access to the latest and greatest limited releases Nike offers, which usually only make it into the hands of U.S. customers.

How It Works

Consider These Other Great Offerings from Nike

If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of brand-new Nikes without waiting for the SNKRS app to restock, we’ve highlighted a few great options! There are plenty of new and classic designs on eBay and other sites—and these are far less likely to go out of stock than the items on the SNKRS app. Whether you’re looking to keep up with the most popular fashions or want a more basic sneaker, there are plenty of exciting choices.


Michael Jordan earned his spot as the top player in the NBA back in 1991 while wearing a pair of Air Jordan VI’s. At this time, he won his fifth scoring title, became second league MVP, and tackled the first of six championships that he would go on to win. If you’re looking to honor his legacy while sporting some of the nicest looking shoes on the market, consider the Nike Air Jordan VI NRG. It’s not the cheapest sneaker around, but at $300 from Ebay, it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

WOMEN’S AIR MAX 720 – $125

For years, Nike has been at the forefront of footwear technology and has been a real innovator in the market. Nike Air cushioning has seen many updates over the years and continues to push the boundaries of comfort. The Nike Women’s Air Max 720 offers you a visible Air unit that is 6mm taller than previous iterations, making it a comfortable and stylish option. At only $125 from eBay, this shoe is an excellent choice.


You can’t go wrong with the aircraft-inspired Women’s Air Force 1 sneaker! This sneaker became an instant icon on the courts following its 1982 release. As time went on, the Air Force 1 became a mainstay in streetwear and hip-hop culture. The Air Force 1 acts as a perfect backdrop for a variety of color schemes and patterns, so you’ll find this shoe in many eye-catching varieties. Ebay currently has the Air Force 1 priced at $110 in an understated Off White color, which is sure to perk up your wardrobe!

Expand Your Wardrobe with Stackry

After reading through this guide, you should be well on your way to getting your hands on some of the greatest limited releases Nike has to offer. Using Nike’s SNKRS app, you’ll find it much easier to score some of the most fashionable sneakers on the market. And by using Stackry as your reshipping option, you’re guaranteed to get your new sneakers shipped to your door safe and sound!

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