How to Shop from Crayola with Stackry

Apr 24, 2020

How to Shop from Crayola with Stackry

In the world of arts and crafts, there’s no bigger name than Crayola. Specializing in art supplies, the Crayola name is synonymous with crayons and coloring. Crayola is your one-stop-shop for crayons, paint, pencils, pastels, Play-Doh, and even clay.


But depending on where you’re located in the world, shopping from Crayola’s website can be difficult. With limitations on where they ship, you’re going to need help from a reshipping service such as Stackry if you’re located in one of the many countries Crayola won’t ship to. That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you how you can order directly from Crayola and have your package shipped to your door no matter where you’re located in the world!

What is Crayola?

Crayola is one of America’s top handicraft companies, specializing in many different types of art supplies: However, their crayons are what made them world-famous! Before dealing exclusively with non-toxic and child-safe art supplies, Crayola was an industrial pigment supply company. Fortunately for everyone, they branched out into the chalk market, and soon after, crayons. Now, their products are loved by school children and crafters in every corner of the globe.


Crayola has a reputation for making some of the most affordable and high-quality art supplies available, with most of them being manufactured right in the United States. With Stackry on your side, you’ll be able to see for yourself why Crayola is so popular!

How to Shop From Crayola Outside the US

As you’ve likely noticed, Crayola doesn’t ship to many counties outside North America. But don’t let that stop you from ordering some of the best art supplies around! Shopping from Crayola with Stackry is as simple as following these few easy steps:


First, navigate to and click on the “sign up” button in the upper right-hand corner. After following through the prompts and successfully creating your account, you’ll be brought to your Account Dashboard.

You should see on your Stackry Account Dashboard an address for your very own Stackry Locker, which is where you’ll have your U.S. orders shipped—whether from Crayola or any other U.S. company you’d like to buy from.


Copy down your Stackry Locker address, and then head over to Crayola’s website. Go about shopping as you would normally, but at checkout be sure to input your Stackry Locker address instead of your usual home address. This way, Stackry gets your order and can forward it on to you.


And that’s that! You’ve now successfully placed your order with Crayola, who will ship your products to your Stackry address. From here, Stackry will consolidate your orders into one shipment and send it on to you, wherever you’re located in the world.


The Best Deals From Crayola

To help you complete your purchase today with Crayola, we’ve done some leg work for you in order to showcase some of the best products Crayola has to offer!

Crayola Coloring & Drawing Supplies Deals

If you’re trying to shop from Crayola, it’s likely you’re interested in their awesome coloring and drawing supplies. We’ve highlighted a few below:

Classic Crayons, 24 Count

The first offering we have for you today is this 24-count set of Crayola Classic Crayons, which is currently priced at just $2.49. Each crayon is double wrapped, making them all extra durable, and included with your purchase is free to access to the Crayola Create and Play app! As with all Crayola products, these are child-safe and non-toxic, making them a great gift for kids!

Gel Crayons, 5 Count

If you’re looking for something a little different from Crayola, consider this 5 count set of Crayola Gel Crayons for just $4.99. Whether you’re working with standard paper, construction paper, poster board, or even a foam board, Crayola’s Gel Crayons are up to the task! The colors included in this set are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

Signature Oil Pastels with Tin, 24 Count

Crayola currently has this 24 count set of Crayola Signature Oil Pastels marked down to just $13.49, from their usual price of $14.99—which makes for an awesome buy! These pastels have a creamy consistency which makes them very easy to blend, whether you’re using them wet or dry.

Crayola Craft Kit Deals

Crayola offers more than simple coloring supplies. They’ve got a whole section of their site dedicated to Craft Kit deals, so if you’re just starting out on your art journey you can buy all you need to get started!

Signature Ombre Macramé Wall Hanging Kit

If you’re into decorating and like to craft your own home decor, Crayola’s Signature Ombre Macrame Wall Hanging Kit is exactly what you need. At just $14.99, Crayola’s Wall Hanging Kit is an affordable way to dive into the world of macramé, the art of creating textiles through knotting fabric. In less than 60 minutes you’ll have your first ombre macramé wall art creation under your belt, and a great looking decoration to show for it!

Signature Paint Pour Mini Canvas Craft Kit

If you ever wanted to make your own wall art and love the look of Canvas, then look no further! This Signature Paint Pour Mini Canvas Craft Kit is currently priced at just $17.99. As long as you’ve got water, paper towels, and some measuring spoons, you’ll be set to your very own hanging wall decorations using the super cool paint pouring technique!

Watercolor Tutorial Kit

The final deal we have for you today from Crayola is on this Watercolor Tutorial Kit, which is currently on sale for only $14.99. If you’ve ever wanted to get into water coloring but thought that rounding up all the necessary supplies was a bit too complicated, consider your problem solved! Included in Crayola’s Water Color Tutorial Kit are 40 watercolor paints, including 16 that are brand new to Crayola’s lineup! Also included are 20 watercolor pages with line art, a paintbrush, and a How-to Guide.

Explore the World of Crayola with Stackry

Now that you know how easy it is to shop from Crayola with the help of Stackry, what are you waiting for? With the top premium reshipping service in the U.S on your side, you can be sure that your Crayola order will make it to your door as quickly and as safely as possible!


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