How to Shop for the 2021 Holiday Season with Stackry

Nov 5, 2021

If you missed a few holiday sale windows this year and still feel the regret, don’t worry: You’ll have opportunities for some amazing US holiday savings before 2021 is over! There are still some big shopping holidays right around the corner that you can use to get all kinds of gift items at a discount.

During this holiday season, time is of the essence while you shop internationally and plan for your own family’s gift exchanges. Luckily, the Stackry team is here to help you out with this handy holiday shopping guide! We’ll help you navigate the next big shopping holidays of 2021 and give you some insider tips on how to make the most of them—and we’ll help you plan for how to make sure everything reaches your doorstep on time, too.


America’s Holiday Season is 2021’s Shopping Grand Finale!

This is it: These holidays are your final chances to rack up massive savings for this year’s gift exchange! When you mark these important dates down on your calendar, do yourself a favor and plan to check weekly for early discounts leading up to each big day. Start shopping as soon as you can to make sure that you get the best bargains and have plenty of time to wrap all your gifts.

Some US stores are gearing up super early this year for big-name holidays like Black Friday, so make sure you get all your favorite items in your cart and ready to go today! When it comes to shopping and shipping internationally, the earlier the better.


1. Veteran’s Day – November 11th

All kinds of US retailers offer special discounts and sale prices in celebration of American Veterans, and they’re coming right up—so start browsing now! Walmart, for instance, has already discounted a variety of goods. Keep an especially watchful eye on your favorite retailers starting this upcoming Monday so that you don’t miss any bargains that drop early as you approach Veteran’s Day!


2. Thanksgiving Day – November 25th

While Black Friday tends to overshadow Thanksgiving sales for some, there are still some great Thanksgiving deals that you won’t want to miss! Join in the American spirit of being grateful for your favorite things by topping off your collection with comforting goods from US retailers like Crate&Barrel. They’ve already marked down all kinds of classy items, so now’s a great time to get a head start!


3. Black Friday – November 26th

Any store in the US that you can imagine offers massive discounts on Black Friday, but Best Buy is already getting started now—so you can start purchasing high-priority tech items on your shopping list today! Even better: They’re currently offering to refund you the difference if the price drops even lower as Black Friday approaches. So, you can rest assured that you can buy now and still wind up with the best price.


4. Cyber Monday – November 29th

Best Buy is usually a great place to browse on Cyber Monday, too, if you forgot anything. And stores like LuluLemon are already promising even better Cyber Monday sales than the discounts they already have posted right now. Amazon is also a prime place to shop for Cyber Monday deals—and they’re already discounting items for Black Friday, too, so keep an eye out for your favorites and snap them up before they go out of stock!


5. Christmas – December 25th

Christmas is the crown jewel of the American holiday season, and plenty of great US stores are already stocking their shelves with hot gift items for all members of the family. For instance, just look at the cozy holiday-themed gift sets at Bath & Body Works that are already out! Gift sets are usually a great deal anyway, but you’ll be able to save even more by checking out extra promotions such as BOGO sales or discounts on specific product lines.


Save Big, and Ship Wisely!

You won’t want to miss a single deal this season, so don’t wait until the hot items are gone! And remember: When you shop internationally, you have to account for the store’s shipping times and the time that it takes for Stackry to forward your parcels to your home.

Make sure you catch sales as early as you can and don’t wait to checkout once you’ve found the items you want. If you’re cutting it close, then you can usually choose faster shipping options at checkout so that they’ll reach the Stackry warehouse sooner.

While it’s a great idea to let your parcels accumulate for as long as possible during our free 45-day storage window, make sure that you leave some extra time for us to forward your final package(s) your way! We recommend forwarding everything around 10 days before you’ll need them to arrive at your doorstep, although these times will vary according to your location. Your best bet is to check estimated shipping times to your home location, and then tack on a few extra days to give yourself some wiggle room to get everything wrapped up and ready to go.


Boost your Holiday Spirits with Stackry!

You don’t have to live in the US to take advantage of American holiday sales when you team up with Stackry and take advantage of our excellent parcel forwarding services! You’ll be able to celebrate stress-free when you shop early and plan ahead by forwarding your purchases well in advance. Get ready for all kinds of holiday revelry as you make the most of these US holiday shopping sales and strike amazing bargains on quality goods from all your favorite American retailers!



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