Preparing for the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Jun 28, 2019

Preparing for the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Summer time is the best time of year to take an extended vacation. Getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors is an awesome way to unwind with the family!

If you have a great summer vacation lined up, you better be sure you’re prepared with all the amenities to make your trip as enjoyable as possible! You wouldn’t want to get caught out in the sun without a slick new pair of shades! And having the right bag to pack all of your luggage makes travel much less stressful, which is why we’ve found a few great ones for your consideration.

To help you plan the vacation of your dreams, we’ve brought together some great deals on must-have items you just can’t do without while on your next trip. Continue reading to learn more!

Deals on Vacation Necessities

If you look hard enough, you can find great deals on nearly everything you need to make your summer vacation amazing! To help save you some time, we’ve gone through the trouble for you. Deals on backpacks, bags, hats, and sunglasses are hard to pass on during this time of year, and we’ve found the best around!

Backpacks and Bags

Whether you’re traveling domestic, or have an international trip planned, it’s important that you have the right bag or backpack to keep all your belongings secure and organized. Consider some of these great options to make your vacation go smoothly from start to finish:

• The first deal we have for you today is on this great Dana Buchman Sandy Backpack from Kohl’s, for $27.60. Usually this bag retails for $69.00, so you’re saving a good chunk of change when you buy it right now! This bag works equally well as a travel bag or a purse replacement, so don’t feel like you can only use this bag while on your next trip—this bag is useful all year round!

• The next deal we have for you is on this cool CONCEPT ONE Oregon Ducks NCAA Concept One “Southpaw” Team Color Backpack from ShopatBreeze. For only $32.50, you can show your team spirit while traveling the whole world over!

• The last deal we have for you today on bags is for this Calvin Klein Tannya Signature Tote Bag from Lord & Taylor. This stylish bag usually retails for $138, but for a limited time it has been marked down to just $99.99. If that deal wasn’t good enough for you, with the use of the promo code FRIENDS you can knock an additional 30% off this already low price! Better jump on this deal while you still can!


Now that we’ve got your luggage taken care of, it’s time for some great deals on hats. Hats offer you a stylish way to keep the sun out of your eyes, while also offering your face a bit of sun protection! If you’ve got plans to hit the beach on your next summer vacation, don’t get caught out in the sun without one of these great hats!

• If you’re a New York Rangers fan, then this  NEW ERA New York Rangers NHL New Era Youth Reversible Bucket Hat is just for you! Currently priced at just $10.45 from ShopatBreeze, this hat will keep the sun at bay while showing your team spirit!

• Next up on our list of deals is this super functional and retro Men’s Wembley Boonie Hat with Neck Flap from Kohl’s. For just $20.40, this hat can be yours! Considering this hat usually goes for over $34.00, this is a bargain too good to pass up

• From Lord & Taylor, this Calvin Klein Sequin Sunhat is currently priced down to only $16.97, from the lofty price of $48. With the use of promo code FRIENDS, you can get an additional 30% taken off this already great deal, making this hat another great deal for your consideration!


Everyone should have at least one pair of sunglasses for those particularly sunny days. A cool pair of shades is a great accessory to have available, and can take your everyday look and make it into something truly unique to you!

• The first deal on sunglasses we have for you today is coming to you from Kohl’s. These Men’s Dockers Polarized Wrap Sunglasses are marked down to only $13.60, from their original price of $34.00, making for an exceptional deal! When shopping for sunglasses, you always want to make sure you get polarized lenses, otherwise, you’re just throwing your money away.

• ShopatBreeze has these unique SUNCLASSY Black Polarized Aviator Men Glasses Outdoor Sports Eyewear Driving UV Sunglasses priced at only $15.74 currently. If this deal didn’t already sound too good to be true, don’t forget to consider the included carrying case that comes as a part of this deal! Availability in both gunmetal and gold finishes ensures these glasses will suit your own individual style.

• The last deal we have for you today is on this great pair of Michael Kors La Jolla 59MM Aviator Sunglasses from Lord & Taylor. If you’re looking to make a real statement, then look no further! The unique finish and mirrored lenses ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd! Usually, these go for $159, but for a limited time they’re priced at $119.25. With the use of promo code FRIENDS, an additional 30% can be saved.

Prepare for Your Next Trip with Stackry

No one likes to set off on their trip only to find they’ve forgotten to pack the necessities. Simple things like hats, and sunglasses are easily forgotten—but they all make a real difference in how much you enjoy the great outdoors! With deals like what we found for you today, it’ll be hard to pass on the temptation of buying them all! After all, having a few extra bags or shades laying around is almost always a good thing.

If any of these items caught your eye, and you’re looking for a forwarding agency in the US in order to secure yourself some of these great deals, consider shopping with Stackry. Stackry offers you a  service that can be relied on. Large items, or small, you can be sure your purchase makes it to your door in time for your next outing, safe and sound!

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