The Best US Online Stores for Kids Clothing

May 4, 2018

As an adult, you may think of shopping as an enjoyable experience, especially when you’re doing the shopping for yourself. But for your kids, the only excitement there is lies in the toy section, and this makes shopping for their clothes all the more exhausting. Having to take them to the mall, only to have the trip end in a tantrum or fit that they want to go home.

Luckily, online clothing stores provide a solution for all you struggling parents. With the click of a button, you can order your children’s clothes at home and avoid the hassle of taking them to the store. Here are some of the best US online stores where you can get kids clothing.



With the new millennium came the trend of dressing up your little one like a miniature version of yourself, or somewhat similar. Well, J.Crew is the brand that makes incredibly stylish apparel for your kids with a large variety of clothes for your imaginative child.

Their collection is impeccable to say the least; look at their newest girls’ collection, it’s so authentic. Aside from having separate sections for boys and girls, they have categories that let you search for whatever you need.

It also helps you save time since you don’t have to waste it looking through a jumble of skirts, swimsuits, and dresses, for whatever you want to buy. If you’re in the mood to go thrifty, then the sale section has tons of options all mixed up, for you to choose from.


There are some parents that never go less than designer brands when it comes to their kids, but even they have a hard time finding a good deal once in a while. But at AlexAndAlexa, there are always good deals on the best brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Moschino.

On their site, you can search for clothes by brands, styles, age and of course, based on whether you’re shopping for a boy or girl. While it’s true that some selections are pricey, shopping at this online store doesn’t have to break the bank because they have plenty of sales; look at all the great prices they have on summer clothes.

On the plus side, AlexAndAlexa is perfect if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your kids’ needs. That’s because they have a home and toy section that lets you browse through ranges of strollers, cots and teddy bears.


It’s hard to be a parent who wants their child to look adorable in the latest fashion but doesn’t want to pay hefty prices for it. With H&M, however, you can get affordable clothes for your kids without compromising on style.


Their huge collection of children’s clothing isn’t divided into a few categories, but a number of sections. It’s almost like the site knows what clothes you could possibly be looking for based on what time of the year it is; a trip to the beach, wedding season or family reunion.

But let’s not forget that your infants can have in on the fashion party. After all, H&M has a baby exclusive collection with the most stunning (and comfortable, mind you) fashions. Just look at this adorable swimsuit with cutesy ruffles!


Ah, how can we forget the go-to shop where you’ve most likely taken your kids for a shopping spree? Well, now you can enjoy having GAP’s affordable apparel delivered straight to your home. Their kids’ collection is organized into sections like toddler, baby, boys and girls.

Once you pick a section, there are a good many categories to choose your child’s clothes from, in case you’re looking to piece together a perfect look. Not to mention, they have an expansive women’s collection ranging from nightwear to maternity for the busy mom.

At GAP, you’ll get great value when you need it the most i.e. their sales are well-timed and offer tons of savings so you don’t feel bad stocking up on clothes that are one size bigger. Not to mention, the quality is exceptional for the price; one example are these original-fit boys’ jeans made of 100% cotton.


A great website to get all the essentials your kids need, Zulily has a lot of themed clothes that your kids will enjoy wearing. The collections available are also affordable so you don’t have to feel like you’re spending too much.

Since they’re affiliated with a number of other brands, you can get lucky with high discounts of exclusive apparel. All you need to do is make an account on the site and start shopping.

The clothing items on Zulily are divided into basic sections and further into different themes and concepts like sports or tea parties! Just look at all these beautiful dresses, and they’re on sale too!

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