How to Shop From Ebay Outside the USA

Apr 3, 2020

How to Shop From eBay With Stackry

No matter what you’re shopping for, if you’re looking for the best deal then you’re likely to find it on eBay. Unlike most other online U.S. retailers, eBay is primarily a marketplace where people can list their own items. This means you aren’t buying from eBay itself, but from another individual.

You can find almost anything on eBay: From great deals in fashion and home decor to musical instruments and tech, they have it all. But if you’re located outside the U.S., shopping through eBay can be difficult. While some vendors allow international shipping, many choose to only deal with customers with an address in the U.S. With the help of Stackry, you can get around this little problem. Using Stackry’s U.S. warehouse, you can have your eBay items shipped to your door no matter where you are, all while taking advantage of all the great deals available.

To learn more about what’s available from eBay’s sellers and how to get your order shipped to your door, continue reading on below:

What is eBay?

eBay is one of the leading eCommerce websites. Functioning as a marketplace for buyers and sellers, you can buy and sell nearly anything on eBay. Not only does the general public use eBay to sell items, but many of the top U. S. retailers, including Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and more choose to sell through eBay to make shopping for the hottest items around as convenient as possible.

A lot of what you’ll find on eBay is in used or refurbished condition, with prices that reflect it. As long as you look over an item before purchasing, buying used from eBay allows you to grab up some of the best items around at a fraction of the retail price.

How to Shop From eBay Outside the US

As we said before, while some vendors on eBay’s marketplace allow international shipping, some choose to restrict sales to only customers located in the continental United States. But with the help of Stackry’s premium reshipping service, this is no big deal!

Before you begin looking around on eBay, head over to and create an account, if you haven’t already. Afterward, you’ll be sent on to your account dashboard, where you can find an address to your very own Stackry locker. This is where you’ll have your order shipped, so be sure to jot it down.

The next step you’ll need to take is to add your Stackry locker address as your mailing address under your account on eBay. We’ve got the process all laid out for you here.

Now that you have your Stackry locker set up as your primary mailing address with eBay, simply shop the site as you would normally. Once you’ve reached checkout, just remember to chose your Stackry locker address as your delivery address.

That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve made your purchase, your order will be shipped to Stackry. There, we’ll consolidate your order with any others you’ve had mailed to our warehouse, so that we can ship them to you regardless of where you’re located in the world!

Great Deals From eBay

Now that you know how to order from eBay with Stackry, we thought you’d like to see some of the best deals available from eBay’s many vendors. We’ve highlighted a few deals in both Fashion and Tech for your consideration.

eBay Fashion Deals

eBay’s truly got it all when it comes to fashion. Whatever your tastes are, you’ll find something for sure—and at some of the lowest prices around!

Women’s Alternative Apparel Tie Waist Striped Eco-Jersey Jumpsuit

The first deal we’ve found for you today on eBay is on this women’s Alternative Apparel Tie Waist Striped Eco-Jersey Jumpsuit, on sale for just $58.50. At this price you’re saving 25% off from retail, which means you’re saving a good chunk of change! Whether you’re buying this to lounge around the house or to wear for a night out on the town, you really can’t go wrong!

Men’s Adidas Originals OZWEEGO Shoes

The next deal we have on fashion items from eBay is on these great looking Men’s Adidas Originals OZWEEGO Shoes, which are currently marked 50% off! At just $55, and available in a variety of colors that suit any outfit, these Adidas shoes are an amazing deal.

Nike Men’s Active Sportswear Long Sleeve Fleece Workout Gym Pullover Hoodie

The final deal we’re highlighting for you today from eBay’s fashion department is on this Men’s Nike Active Sportswear Long Sleeve Fleece Workout Gym Pullover Hoodie, currently on sale for just $35.48. When it comes to activewear, Nike is easily one of the top brands around and this fleece hoodie is among their best products!

eBay Tech Deals

If you’re looking for the best deals on this years hottest tech, it doesn’t get much cheaper than shopping from eBay! Whether you choose to buy new or opt for a used item, you’re bound to save a load of cash!

5MP Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera

First up in eBay’s tech deals is this 5MP Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera, which is currently marked down 28%, bringing it to just $35.98. Features include Power over Ethernet (PoE), 25fps frame rate, and a built-in Micro SD slot that supports up to 64GB of removable storage!. If you’re looking for an awesome entry-level outdoor security camera then look no further!

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series I Wireless Headphones, Factory Renewed

If you fancy yourself an audiophile, then you know Bose is where it’s at! These Factory Renewed Bose QuietComfort 35 Series I Wireless Headphones are marked down 47% to just $184.95, which is an amazing deal! 20 hours of battery life and Bose’s impressive noise-canceling technology will ensure you’re enjoying the pinnacle of sound quality throughout the day!

Apple iPad 4 16GB WiFi Cellular Unlocked Tablet 4th Generation

The final deal we have for you today is on the Apple iPad 4 16GB Cellular Tablet. Priced at $107.95, iPad’s 4th generation tablet is still relevant today. If you’re looking for a tablet that’ll last you years at a super affordable price, then you can’t go wrong with this deal from eBay!

Find the Best eBay Deals with Stackry

With the help of Stackry, shopping from eBay is easy regardless of your address! Our premium U.S reshipping service is here for you so you can take advantage of all the great deals available from U.S. vendors! Shop today from, and with Stackry on your side, you can feel confident that your order will be at your doorstep in no time at all!

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