How to Shop from Chewy with Stackry

Sep 25, 2020

How to Shop from Chewy with Stackry


Whether you’re a cat lover, a bird keeper, or even a reptile enthusiast, Chewy has everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. They stock food, supplies, toys, and tons of other products for every type of pet you can think of. Chewy’s website offers everything from raw food to dog houses, and even has a special section dedicated to prescription medication.


However, if you’re living outside the United States, it might seem impossible to take advantage of all the great products Chewy has to offer. But with Stackry’s help, you’ll be able to go on a Chewy shopping spree any time you want—even if you’re located in a country that they normally won’t ship to! Read on to learn how you can score all the latest, greatest pet items from Chewy with Stackry. 

What is Chewy and Why Should You Check It Out?

Originally called “Mr. Chewy” when it was founded in 2011, Chewy quickly exploded in popularity and became one of the biggest pet supplies markets in the game. Within a few years of its creation it was already making hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue! Chewy’s business model centers around offering more products than all the competitors, along with the added convenience of shipping directly to their customers’ homes.


Chewy grew so popular so quickly that they were bought out by PetSmart in 2017 for $3.35 billion. Since then, their wide range of cat, dog, bird, reptile, and other animal products has only grown by the day!

How to Shop From Chewy Outside the US

If you’ve ever tried to place an order with Chewy, it won’t take long to notice that they don’t like shipping outside the United States. But with Stackry on your side, there’s no reason that has to hold you back! Simply follow this quick and easy guide and you’ll be starting your Chewy shopping spree in no time:


  1. Head over to com and sign up for your free account. This will take you to the account dashboard, where you’ll find the address for your Stackry locker. This is where your Chewy packages will be sent.


  1. Copy and paste your Stackry locker address and head on over to Chewy’s website. Fill up your cart with awesome pet products, and when you’re done, input your Stackry locker address when it’s time to check out. This allows your order to be shipped to our US-based shipping facility, where we’ll forward it on to you.


  1. Wait for your order to show up at your door. It’s that easy! And if you’d like to place orders with other companies, you can choose to wait and consolidate all your shipments before we send them your way.


The Best Deals From Chewy You Won’t Want to Miss

Now that you know how easy it is to get your Chewy order delivered directly to your door with Stackry, let’s take a look at some of the awesome sales that are available as we speak. You won’t want to miss these amazing deals on food, medicine, and even more!

Pet Food and Treat Deals that Can’t Be Beat

Pet food is one of Chewy’s most popular categories, and you’re about to find out why! With such amazing prices on all these tasty, healthy treats, it’s no wonder customers across America choose Chewy!


Candidae PURE Grain-Free Food


The first deal we have for you today is buy one get one free on this delicious Candidae PURE Grain-Free Dog Food. Your furry friend will love the delicious selection of flavors that includes Duck, Sweet Potato, Lamb, and much more. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you can feel good about feeding him this special formula that was made with his health in mind.


American Journey Dog Food Specialty Formula

If you’d rather try a different brand of grain-free dog food, try out this amazing deal of 50% off Your First Purchase of American Journey Dog Food Specialty Formula. If you’ve ever wanted to try out this highly-popular American dog food brand at a price that can’t be beat, this is your chance!


Charlee Bear Treats


These natural grain-free dog treats are the best way to leave your dog looking and feeling great! For a limited time you can enjoy 40% off Select Charlee Bear Treats, so your dog will be able to enjoy delectable natural flavors like Turkey Liver and Cranberries at the best possible price!


Victor Treats


Victor is yet another delicious natural dog food brand available at Chewy! And there’s no better time to try them than today, when you can enjoy 20% off Victor Treats.


Health and Wellness Deals to Keep Your Pet Feeling Great


SMARTYPAWS Supplements


SMARTYPAWS vitamins aren’t your traditional dog treat: They’re even better! Their multifunctional support supplements are exactly what your pet needs to stay smart and sharp, every single day. And now you can take advantage of this excellent 20% off discount for your first purchase of SMARTYPAWS.


20% off Select Health & Wellness Products

 And while you’re shopping for supplements, don’t forget to try this 20% off Select Health & Wellness Products with code 20WELLNESS! You never know if something in your cart might be included in this amazing deal.


20% off Your First Pharmacy Purchase


If your pet is in need of any special medications, look no farther: You could be saving 20% off Your First Pharmacy Purchase with code RX20! Whether you’re looking for tick prevention, heartworm pills, or something even more specialized, Chewy has it all.

Cat Litter Deals for a Fresh, Clean Home


Cat’s Pride Lightweight Ultimate Clumping Clay Cat Litter


With their signature “pure and fresh” scent, Cat’s Pride offers everything you need to make sure your litterbox is always in tip-top shape. And for a limited time, you can Buy 3 Get 1 Cat’s Pride Lightweight Ultimate Clumping Clay Cat Litter! Best of all, the hypoallergenic formula is specially formulated to be safe for even the most sensitive cats, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected reactions when you use it for the first time.


Sanicat Litter


Are you looking to try a great new cat litter while also getting a free gift for your special feline friend? Then check out this great deal of Buy Sanicat Litter, Get Blue Buffalo Bursts Free! This clumping clay cat litter is a highly unique product that will leave your house smelling fresher than you ever imagined, so take advantage of this offer while you can!

Gifts to Show Your Best Friend You Care


Frisco Personalized Pet Products


There’s nothing cuter than these custom mugs, cups, and picture frames from Frisco! And now you can enjoy 10% off Frisco Personalized Pet Products with this exclusive deal today. Your pet can be the star of their very own show, and you can even get one for all your friends and family!


Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test


Have you ever wondered what breed your furry friend actually is? With $20 off Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test, you can finally find out! You’ll be able to trace your dog’s ancestry back to their great grandparents, and even find out about different medical issues and possible medication reactions.


Beds and Furniture


Give your dog the gift of comfort this year with up to 35% off Beds and Furniture! There are plenty of cozy, plush beds for any dog lover to choose from.


Frisco Personalized Collars


There’s no better way to show your pet you care than with 15% off Frisco Personalized Collars. These absolutely adorable collars will give you the peace of mind you need when you take your pet for walks and on trips. Thanks to the custom engravings, anyone who crosses their path will be able to get in touch with you if your pet gets off their leash.

Keep Your Pet Smiling All the Time With Stackry

As you can see, there are endless awesome deals from Chewy just waiting to be discovered. And with Stackry’s help, you can have all these offers and more delivered right to your door in no time. Sign up for our premium reshipping service today to save big with Chewy and all your other favorite American retailers!


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