Fashion Trends for the Month of Ramadan

May 29, 2018

While the main purpose of the month is spiritual-based, many men and women feel excited about the fresh clothing opportunities that come. In fact, markets all over the Muslim world get flooded before Ramadan in order to stock up for the entire month and the Eid afterward because the schedule during Ramadan gets very hectic.

It is not just the local markets, but the global markets as well. International brands like Mango and H&M release their Ramadan Collections every year. However, for this Ramadan, we have compiled all the trends we would love to see on the streets.

But First, Let’s Talk About What Ramadan Clothing Is

Ramadan is the most awaited month of the year, and it is for a specific purpose; a spiritual connection with God. Muslims spend the entire month trying to cultivate a strong bond with God, and they believe that such a connection can be established by simplicity and detachment from the materialistic world.

Obviously, letting go of the world entirely is impractical but Muslims aim to reduce their attachment to the materialistic and pretentious display of money and power. And it reflects in their clothing as well, which has the following key features from what we have gathered.

  1. All the clothes follow the Islamic concept of ‘modesty’.
  2. Long, airy one-piece or bottoms that keep the body cool during the fasts where Muslims do not eat and drink until the sun starts setting.
  3. Lightweight clothes and minimalist accessories, to stick to the simplistic, immaterialist theme of Ramadan

Fashion Trends for Ramadan 2018

For the Ramadan of 2018, we have compiled all the trends we would be seeing on the streets.

1.Warm and Summery

Ramadan is all about keeping cool and airy as you go through the day on a restricted diet and water supply. Every year we see different variations of the same comfortable and cozy clothing that let the breeze pass through our bodies and keep them cool.

2.Pastel Shades

There is a particular appeal to pastel shades that make them pop up in every season and every occasion. Perhaps in Ramadan, there is an extra appeal to them because they give that light, gentle and ‘spiritual’ feel.

Very little bright colors will be observed in Ramadan as Muslims will want to keep it low-key and blend in with nature. Delicate shades that are closest to nature like Ivory, Lemon, Honeydew, Azure blue, Lavender, Misty Rose, Salmon and Light Coral will be observed more than any other colors.

3.Light, White and Breezy

Nothing says cooling down than the color white. Not only does it reflect simplicity, but also hygiene and purity –something that a major part of Ramadan has its basis in. White is perhaps the most seen shade in Ramadan.

White also gives that gentle, breezy look that is an aesthetic and appeal of Ramadan clothes.

4.Cardigans, Gowns, and Layering

Many gentle and light clothes are often found without sleeves like white tops or innerwear and they can be the most comfortable to wear. In those cases, layering your clothes is a good option instead of buying a new wardrobe altogether.

Layering summer clothes is a little tricky, but you will see a lot of Muslims doing so this Ramadan and we have to admit, we simply cannot have enough of it.

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