Shop Fall Fashion at These 10 US Retailers with Stackry!

Sep 16, 2021

With the warmth of summer falling behind us, it’s time to give your wardrobe a seasonal makeover! In this handy shopping guide, we’ve put together a selection of excellent US retailers that are currently putting some great fall fashion items on their shelves. Get ready to fall in love with all kinds of stylish pieces from these awesome US stores!

And, don’t worry about getting your new wardrobe shipped to your home location while you shop internationally. With Stackry by your side, you’ll get every last item forwarded to your doorstep so that you can strut your stuff no matter where in the world you live!

Get Ready for Your New Fall Favorites! 

There are so many great US brands out there to love that provide everything from fashionable footwear to cozy, comfortable pieces that will make you feel as incredible as you look. Check out these 10 great American retailers and shop away!


1. L.L.Bean

This American favorite is all stocked and ready to go for fall! Fill out the wilderness-ready section of your wardrobe with fleece wear, sports pants, and more from this quality brand.

2. OshKosh

OshKosh is known for having a great selection of high-quality, comfy clothing items for kids. And, they’ve just put out all kinds of goods for fall—including an adorable Halloween costume collection that’ll make any day perfect for dress-up!

3. Nordstrom

Nordstrom reliably puts out some of the hottest brand-name fashion items each season, and this fall you can look forward to stylish picks from staples such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent.

4. J. Crew

You won’t believe the selection of fashionable but versatile garments that are out for fall in J. Crew’s store right now! From chic joggers to cashmere sweaters, one swoop through their seasonal section is sure to give your wardrobe the facelift it needs.

5. GAP

Already a fan of the selection that GAP offers for the whole family? If you have GAP cash saved up, you could be looking at 50% off right now for your fall purchases! If not, you can still save up to 20% on some great items for you and your loved ones.

6. Rei

If you’re looking for some sporty clothing that can keep up with your active, outdoor lifestyle, then Rei is for you. They’ve just added some warm, insulated jackets and hiking boots to prepare you for gorgeous autumn walks.

7. Old Navy

If you love the selection at the GAP, then you’re bound to love Old Navy, too. And, not only will you find a great selection of hoodies, joggers, and other fall staples—you’ll be able to save more than ever by snapping up some choice items for up to 60% off!

8. American Giant

American Giant has outdone itself with this year’s fall collection, offering a series of stylish but extremely comfortable leggings and sweats. Most of their pieces come in classy solids with tones that range from rich to neutral, giving you tons of versatility.

9. Athleta

Have you heard of Athleta’s Whisper Featherless Collection of trendy, insulated jackets that are perfect for autumn? How about their sale that’s taking up to 60% off of all kinds of stylish activewear? You’re bound to find some great pieces to mix and match!

10. Eddie Bauer

What better way to ring in the fall season than by knocking 30% off of all the jeans, leggings, and pants that you’ll need this season? Eddie Bauer also has a great new collection of flannel and fleece so that you can cozy up in style.

Let Stackry Help You Dress Your Best This Fall!

It’s time to bid summer goodbye until next year and focus on looking stylish for fall! Whether you’re into upscale fashion or activewear, you’re bound to find something right for you from one of these 10 excellent US brands. And with parcel forwarding services from Stackry, you won’t have to worry about where these American retailers ship to—we’ve got you covered when you shop and ship from the USA. All you have to do is enjoy ringing in the fall with a new wardrobe!

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