Essential Back to School Items You Need This Fall

Aug 21, 2018

It’s almost fall season and that same feeling of dread is approaching as the realization hits that you’ll have to go back to school in a few weeks. But if you’re one of the few who actually gets excited for the new school year, we know it’s not for the ‘fun’ classes but rather the chance to stock up on new cool gear for school.  We’ve scoured the web to find the best deals on the best products, everything that you need to start the school year off right::  clothing, backpacks, makeup, technology, even school supplies.  Because back to school is much more than books.

Back to school sales are happening now. 

LL Bean

America’s quintessential school backpack is on sale for at least 25% off! You can even get the backpack monogrammed with your child’s initials.  Clothing, too!


Maquintessentialression and look your best at the beginning of the school year with everyone’s favorite makeup, Colourpop.

Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store

Who doesn’t love Polo’s sporty and playful prep classic clothing?  And even better with this 25% off special offer.


Target makes it easy for you to prep for school and Rock it!  Kids Polos as low as $4 with all kinds of school favorites.

JC Penney

JC Penney is headquarters for savings on school uniforms, providing you with everything your kids need to ace the school year

And of course, if you are looking for books and school supplies, we’ve got a few recommendations as well.


Touchscreen LapTop

When going to school, you’re bound to take some notes if not a lot, so be sure to carry a Laptop with you. Huawei Laptop MateBook X Pro is a speedy, lightweight laptop with a gorgeous (touch) screen.

A Cool Planner

Begin the school year by promising to stay organized with your tasks.  A good-looking planner will motivate you to do this. Get one in a small size so it can easily fit in your backpack, and you don’t need to struggle with pulling it out when you need to use it. Get one that comes with cool stickers, like this planner by Global Datebooks, so you can enjoy prioritizing different tasks instead of putting them off.

An Organized Binder

Handouts a critical part of going to school so you need to make sure that you’re keeping them all in a safe place. Since you’ll be storing these away at home, you don’t need to get anything fancy. You can find affordable solutions such as this pack of three binders on Amazon. You’ll need to make sure that your handouts stay organized as well and don’t get mixed up so you can access them easily. Hence, throw in a pack of these 8 dividers by Avery to your list.

A Pencil Pouch

Whether you’re still a stationary-loving middle-schooler or a basics-carrying high-schooler, you need a pencil pouch. Not only does it carry stationery, you can carry items like lip balm, band-aids and chewing gum in a spare pocket. If you intend to use yours as a storage option for multiple kinds of items then a pouch with more compartments will be better, like this OLIKE pencil holder.


Highlighters are an absolute necessity when you’re making your own study notes for class, and they help you focus on main points by avoiding filler words. In short, they’re the best. If you lack the patience to switch between note-making and highlighting, then these Flag+ ballpoint pens plus highlighters by Post-it are just what you need. You can quickly make notes, highlight important facts, and attach a flag for reference during test revisions. The coolest part is that you can refill the flags once you run out!

A Water Bottle

Say no to disposable plastic bottles by bringing your own to school, these will help you get through the day while you save the environment as well. Personal water bottles make staying hydrated so much cooler, so why not get your own? Something like this BPA-free 34 oz. bottle by Maars Tritan will work; it even has a wider opening so you can easily add ice and clean it too.


We don’t think anyone’s too young to own a lunchbox because there’s nothing better than bringing a homemade lunch to school. Say goodbye to paper bags and hello to a cool lunchbox to carry a few healthy snacks that keep you energized throughout the day. Get a stylish bento with different compartments so you can have different servings to have during lunch break. Make sure it’s leak-proof, like this FUNOC lunch box, so no sauce spills out.

Aside from these things, there are various other items that are considered necessary, but many parents are opting out of buying things that their kids don’t really need, like a new backpack every year. All you need now is some basic stationery and you’re all prepped for the new school year. 

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