Top US Retailers to Shop on Cyber Monday with Stackry

Nov 26, 2021

If you missed a few key items on Black Friday during the shopping frenzy, don’t worry! Once you’ve had time this weekend to unwind from the thrills of shopping all the amazing Black Friday sales that went down in the US, then you’ll be able to save loads more with Cyber Monday.

And, don’t let the name fool you: Cyber Monday isn’t all about electronics! This awesome shopping holiday was named in honor of the big sales boom that naturally followed Black Friday in years past, and now retailers all over the US make it even better by extending or adding sales on Cyber Monday. And, for international shoppers, Stackry is here with a list of stores that are sure to have some great discounts on Cyber Monday—or even a bit earlier!


The Fun Doesn’t End with Black Friday!

Remember: Cyber Monday is the very first Monday that comes after Black Friday, and tons of reputable American retailers are already gearing up to make it a good one this year. This helpful shopping guide will give you a few great starting points for your Cyber Monday shopping spree so that you can take advantage of any new sale items—alongside rollover items from Black Friday that you might have missed!


Shop this Cyber Monday for More Fashion and Home Décor Picks!


The rumors have finally been confirmed: Lululemon is going to continue offering incredible sale prices through Cyber Monday! If you’re in need of some amazing athletic (or athleisure!) garments, then now’s the time to buy.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Few brands nail down that classic American style like Abercrombie! And luckily, they’ve extended their sales through Cyber Monday this year so that you can save big on some high-quality items.


There are tons of great savings to be had when it comes to a new family wardrobe on Cyber Monday! There’s nothing like a big online sale to get you excited about refreshing your collection of tops, trousers, shoes, and outerwear.

L.L. Bean

For shoppers with a more outdoorsy taste in clothing, L.L. Bean is the perfect place to shop for durable garments at great Cyber Monday prices. Don’t forget to check out the kids’ section to save big on clothing items that are likely to be outgrown quickly, too!


This eye-catching store has everything from scented candles and unique holiday ornaments to fashion clothing and jewelry—and they’re lowering prices by the day!


JCPenney is sure to have all kinds of good stuff on sale this upcoming Monday, including stylish clothing items, home goods, and fashionable jewelry. Their site is also super easy to shop, allowing you to browse by department or price limit—and don’t forget to sign up for their Rewards before Cyber Monday to get an additional 30% off coupon!

Bed Bath & Beyond

If your wardrobe is already full, then swing by Bed Bath & Beyond this Monday for some amazing discounted items to brighten up your home! Whether you need a luxurious new bedding set or some kitchen tools to make holiday meal prep easier, you can find deals on them here.


When it comes to beautiful home décor items like lighting elements, throw pillows, and bedding sets, it’s hard to beat Wayfair in terms of value for your money. They currently have some astounding discounts that vary by department, so be sure to check them all!


Don’t Forget to Pick Up Some Hot Tech Items, too . . .


When you think “Cyber Monday,” Staples might not rank among the first US stores that come to mind, but it should! Staples doesn’t just sell office supplies (although they might be the perfect place to find a cute journal or planner for that special someone!). They also sell all kinds of electronic gadgets from leading brands, which are often marked down nicely for Cyber Monday.

Best Buy

Best Buy has absolutely killed it this year with Black Friday savings, and they’re offering early access to Cyber Monday discounts over the weekend this year, too! Don’t hesitate to sweep up that new smartphone or MacBook you’ve been wanting, and make sure you deck your new devices out with all the corresponding accessories and gear as well.

Office Depot

This is the place to shop if you’re looking for electronics and tech accessories such as keyboards and mice, desktop monitors, and gaming equipment. And, don’t forget to check for additional first-time sign-up discounts.

Western Digital

Is it about time for a hard drive upgrade? Whether you need an internal upgrade for your desktop, an external drive for backup, or a portable flash drive, keep an eye out this Monday!


If you’ve already got enough smart home gadgets and gaming equipment to keep you and your family entertained for months to come, then the last item on your shopping list might be a new phone. And, Verizon is marking down some great stuff from Apple and Samsung!


. . . And Just About Anything Else You Can Imagine!


EBay is well-known as a prime spot for bargain hunters, and that’s extra true on Cyber Monday! This US store has already said that they’re gearing up for massive savings in multiple categories including clothing, toys, and gaming equipment. Be sure to keep an eye out for special promotional deals from individual vendors within sale categories, too!


Overstock is a go-to for great deals on tech gadgets, but they have all kinds of other merchandise, too! You’ll be able to find all kinds of discounts on games, clothing, bath and body products, and even pet care items.


Walmart has no plans to stop offering merchandise at amazing prices just because Black Friday is over: And make sure you compare Walmart’s prices against those of other retailers, especially brand stores—a lot of the time, the savings at Walmart are way better!


From hand tools to holiday decorations (both indoor and outdoor), you can find all sorts of Cyber Monday savings at Lowe’s!


Amazon has all kinds of goods on sale—and, just because they started their sales early for Black Friday doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of great stuff left! Keep an especially keen eye out for anything to do with smart home devices and novelty or holiday-themed gift items since these tend to be hot sale pieces on Amazon.


Get Ready for Cyber Monday Savings with Stackry!

Lots of avid shoppers live for Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean that Cyber Monday isn’t just as good. In fact, some say that it’s even better! Make sure to get ready for incredible savings this upcoming Monday—and rest assured that you’ll be able to knock out any shopping list items that you missed on Black Friday. Some stores restock for Cyber Monday, too, so if you lost your chance to get some particularly special items on Friday, you might still be in luck after all! Just check back quickly—some of these excellent US retailers are starting their sales early over the weekend.






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