Best Influencers to Follow in the UK

Jan 11, 2019

Best Influencers to Follow in the UK


If you’ve explored social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, you know how exciting it is to gain new followers. However, when most of us are happy to get just a few likes or retweets, some of these ultra-famous influencers have millions of fans! We’ve put together this list of the 6 best influencers to follow in the United Kingdom with their specialty, and we’ve included links to all their social media profiles to make it even easier for you to learn more about them. Offering everything from gorgeous photos to heartfelt words of wisdom, these high-profile influencers are sure to impress.


Zoe Sugg, a.k.a. Zoella (Fashion videos)


28-year-old Zoe Sugg, more commonly known as Zoella, has captured the hearts of countless fans around the world with her YouTube Channel. With almost 12 million subscribers, she’s one of the most beloved vloggers on the entire site—and certainly one of the finest that Brighton has to offer! She’s famous for posting fashion videos, makeup tutorials, hauls, unboxing videos, and more. She’s even published several books, including the record-breaking Girl Online, which you can pick up on Amazon for just $10.96!


The world can’t get enough of Zoella’s bubbly personality and informative videos. She’s amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram, along with 210k followers on Twitter. We recommend following her for some trendy new fashion ideas, as well as inspiration for show-stopping makeup looks.


Marcus Butler (Humor)


Also hailing from Brighton, Marcus Butler is another of England’s most popular Influencers. His YouTube Channel, Marcus Butler TV, boasts over 4 million followers. He’s famous for his hilarious prank and parody videos. He also has a second channel, JustMarcus, where he focuses on his personal life. Like Zoella, he’s also an up-and-coming author: His first book Hello Life is available on Amazon for just $8.70! Although he doesn’t know if he’s going to write any more books just yet, his first one is well worth a read.


YouTube isn’t the only platform where Marcus has enjoyed massive success. He’s considered one of Britain’s most influential tweeters, and has over 3.4 million followers on his Twitter. He can be found on Instagram as well. His down-to-earth personality on his JustMarcus channel makes him stand out from other YouTubers. We recommend following him if you feel like you need a bit of laughter to brighten up your day!


Susanna Lau (Fashion fanatic)


Susanna Lau is the mastermind behind one of the most popular blogs in the UK, Style Bubble. Since 2006, she’s been sharing her thoughts on fashion and attracting the attention of fashion fanatics around the world. Her cutting-edge, modern fashion sense truly sets her apart from other influencers. One visit to her page will fill your eyes with information-rich, creative posts that offer shopping advice, fashion show experiences, and more.


Aside from her own blog, Susanna can also be found on Instagram, where she has over 400k followers. With 258k followers, her Twitter is massively popular as well. We recommend following her if you need some outfit inspiration, or if you’d like to learn more about the exciting world of fashion. 


Daniel Robert Middleton, a.k.a. DanTDM (Gamer)


You might recognize Daniel Middleton by his online alias, DanTDM. He has over 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his daily gaming videos have earned him a massive following. His Fortnite videos have been extremely popular recently, and his mastery over the game has contributed to his worldwide notoriety. His dedication to the game runs so deep that on his Twitter, he even refers to himself as a “Fortnite addict”!


Aside from his video game skills, Dan is known for his million-dollar smile and his eye-catching blue hair. If you’re craving more updates about his life, check out his Instagram as well. If you’re a gamer, we recommend following him for daily updates on your favorite games,  which are packed with hilarious jokes.


Louise Pentland (Parenting Expert)

Louise Pentland, also known by her online alias Sprinkle of Glitter, is one of Britain’s most famous lifestyle bloggers. In fact, she’s considered the #1 parenting blogger in all of England! Her YouTube Channel focuses specifically on her experiences with motherhood, including her home birth and living with a newborn. Aside from her parenting videos, she frequently makes beauty videos as well.

Louise chronicles her parenting journey on her Instagram page, where she has over 2.4 million followers. Her Twitter has 2.21 million followers as well. She’s also written a bestselling fiction novel called Wilde About the Girl that can be found on Amazon. We recommend her social media pages to anyone looking to learn more about parenting, beauty, or everyday life in England!

Deji Olatunji (Gamer)

Deji Olatunji, known simply by his first name “Deji” on Twitter, is famous for his unique comedy gaming videos. His sense of humor makes him stand out from the countless other gamers on YouTube, and as a result, he enjoys over 9 million followers on his channel. His Instagram has over 2.5 million followers as well. Interestingly, his brother KSI is also a famous internet personality, and they can be seen interacting in Deji’s videos from time to time.

When Deji isn’t coming up with new gaming content, he sometimes makes lifestyle videos. We recommend following him for a refreshing new take on gaming videos, and to learn more about his exciting life! His hilarious reaction videos are sure to capture your attention for hours as well.

The UK’s Top Influencers Have Something for Everyone


Whether you’re interested in fashion, beauty, video games, or parenting, we hope you enjoyed this list of the best influencers to follow in the United Kingdom! And when you’re watching the latest videos from your favorite influencer, maybe you’ll even find some new products that you’d like to try out. You may want to buy their books to learn more about them as well—and that’s where Stackry comes in! Our mission is to get all your online purchases straight to your doorstep, safely and quickly. Let the influencers inspire your next shopping trip, and we’ll handle the rest! 


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