Best Gifts for Your Father

Jun 14, 2018


It’s tricky to pick out gifts that fathers would like, especially if they have a habit of saying that they don’t want anything. It’s true that they’re a picky sort, and that Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day, in particular, can be nightmares for the children looking to please their dad with a nice gift.

But you can stop your guessing and persistent pestering to your dad about what he’d like because we’ve got some great gifts that he’d definitely love. Whether your dad is the quiet, reading type, the barbequing, woodworking type, or just a handyman who’s bad at technology, there’s something that you can get him.

1.     Kabob Grilling Baskets


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Dads love a good barbeque or cookout, mostly because it gets them to show off their skewering, hamburger flipping, and coal-lighting skills. Making kabobs are probably his favorite part but grilling them may not be; it’s insanely hard to keep the vegetables from falling off and on the grill. That’s why he’d appreciate a set of kabob grilling baskets that can get the job done without much of a hassle.

2.     A Cigar Holder


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** No actual cigars allowed!

Tired of seeing dad keep his good cigars in the drawer? You can turn that around and keep a few of them in a classy cigar holder for whenever his friends pay a visit. Opt for something a little luxurious, like hand-crafted and made from wood. These will be able to preserve the freshness of cigars and a cool design lets your dad choose his favorite without having to check all of them.

3.     A Kindle


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Your dad’s old bookshelf has been read through, cover to cover, a dozen times and it’s time that he get some new reads to pique his interest. But instead of adding more bulk, why not go the other way around? A kindle is much more suitable to hold your dad’s vast reading collection and much more. It’ll only take a little while to set it up and have it connected to the online bookstore so that he can get new books whenever he wishes.

4.     A Home Assistant


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A pricey gift for sure, a home assistant can do a number of things so your dad doesn’t have to make the effort. Things, like making calls, booking tickets, scheduling appointments and watching his favorite show, will become much easier because it takes out the effort of remembering. Fathers forget to do a lot of things, even if you remind them, which is why a personal assistant to keep track of things will be helpful.

5.     A New Wallet


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Even though it may not seem like a necessary gift at this point, getting your dad a new wallet will make for a useful present. Your dad won’t have to carry his old, fraying wallet with him, and instead, show off a sleek leather wallet in his back pocket. 

6.     A Cool Coffee Brewer


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For all those coffee loving dads out there, a stylish coffee brewer will be a great addition to their collection. This one has accents of brass and a pouring cone that’s made from heat-resistant glass. It’s handmade and has a stylish walnut wooden base that looks as good as the coffee it makes.

7.     Functional Backpack Cooler


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For his next ‘dads only’ trip, consider getting your dad a stylish backpack cooler that’s much more attractive than an ice box. He can carry all that’s needed for a small picnic or party because this backpack has a capacity of 20 liters. So he can effortlessly carry a 12-pack, along with ice so it stays cold when he finally gets there. Also, the adjustable pockets on the sides can carry bottles of water.

8.     Hot Sauce


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You know that whenever you dad is holding a barbeque there can never be enough hot sauce, so why not get him some as a gift. We don’t just mean a bottle of Tabasco sauce but a fine collection of Senor Lechuga Hot Sauce. These have intense heat that can surpass that of any other sauce because they’ve been made from finely sourced peppers and ingredients. These are the three original Senor Lechuga Hot Sauce flavors that will exceed his expectations.

You can go through all the items on this list to select the best gift for your dad, whichever occasion is coming up next on this year’s calendar. Oh and don’t forget to tell him that he’s the best dad in the world because there’s no greater gift than telling your father how great he is. 

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