Apple’s Newest Products

Sep 21, 2018


Earlier this month, Apple dropped a bomb on its expansive user-base and the rest of the tech-savvy population by unleashing a plethora of new devices. Aside from retiring the iPhone 6, the final iPhone in the series to have a headphone jack, Apple re-launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 that start at lower prices of USD 449 and USD 599.

However, the trio of new iPhone Xs is what tech enthusiasts are raving about. This is because of the phones’ impressive specifications and performance. Now that Apple has discontinued the original iPhone X, we’ll introduce you to the new iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, as well as the health-centered iWatch.

iPhone XR

We’ll start small with the iPhone XR, a toned-down version of the more powerful iPhone XS. This phone is 6.1 inches long and has a less advanced LCD display. Although the photographic abilities are still of a much higher standard, this model has only a single rear camera. Nonetheless, it has that clean finish thanks to the screen that reaches edge-to-edge.

These factors alone make for an affordable model that lets you upgrade from an old model without breaking the bank. Oh, and did we mention that it has an A12 chip – the same as higher-priced models. Compared to previous models, this gives it an upper hand in terms of processing power.

You can buy the model in colors like red, yellow and blue. Not to mention, these come with massive amounts of storage, so you have options like 64GB, 128GB and 256GB to choose from. The model is available at prices that start at USD 749.

iPhone XS

The smaller version of Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone X, has a length of 5.8-inches. As the successor to the original iPhone X, this new model boasts unmatched quality like an OLED screen and the tech giant’s new processor, the A12 Bionic Chip, which upholds Apple’s promise for the fastest processing speeds and an ability to support numerous programs at the same time.

As their first 7mm processor, the A12 launches applications 30 percent faster while the neural engine has the processing capability to go through about 5 trillion operations in a second. The highlight of this new model, however, is its superior camera software; it allows users to alter the depth of field after capturing pictures.

The model will be available in finishes like silver, gray and gold, and you can buy it with 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB worth of space. Nonetheless, the epic performance costs a pretty penny; the iPhone XS starts at USD 999.

iPhone XS Max

The biggest iPhone yet, the XS Max, is 6.5-inches long, much more than its large-variant predecessors. There isn’t much difference between the features of the XS and the XS Max, except for the larger OLED display. The clean edge-to-edge screen gives a pleasant aesthetic when the size is bigger but this model is the same thing, just bigger. Same processor as the XS, the A12, makes your iPhone run 30% faster.

“It is the most beautiful iPhone we have ever made,” said Phil Schiller, SVP of worldwide marketing at Apple. “Watching videos on it is cinematic.”

At 6.5 inches, the XS Max is the largest screen Apple has ever made (cleverly clocking in at precisely 0.1-inch larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s 6.4-inch display.) And like the XS, the XS Max comes in a whopping storage space of 512GB!  That’s a lot of videos.

Apple’s New Watch Series

After Apple released its first line of smartwatches a couple of years ago, tech enthusiasts were impressed with what it had to offer. Now, they’ve raised the bar with a special watch targeted towards fitness freaks and people who need constant updates on their health condition. The Series 4 has gone through significant developments to become an advanced wearable health-focused companion.

Among its newest features, the Apple Watch can now record an ECG (electrocardiogram) to track the user’s heart condition. The wearer can then share the recorded data with medical professionals so they can give their analysis. The sensor can pick up an anomaly in the heart rate and alert the user about the indication since it can lead to a potential health concern.

The most impressive feature of all is that the watch can detect if the user has fallen and if they are unresponsive for a period of time after falling, the watch automatically calls for help and gives authorized personnel details like the wearer’s location. You can buy the standard version for USD 399 but the advanced version with cellular connectivity comes for USD 499.  


Apple’s latest lineup of products is quite the stunner but it comes at a cost.  However, we find that the improvements and enhancements are well worth it.

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