Amazing Deals for Saint Patrick’s Day 2019

Mar 15, 2019



Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so if you’re in the mood for all things green, then this holiday is for you! During the next week, retailers are offering many great discounts on all sorts of items. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe or redecorate your home, consider shopping with Stackry this week to take advantage of all the great bargains!


To give you a head start on your Saint Patrick’s Day shopping extravaganza, we’ve brought together some of the best deals we could find. But first, we wanted to provide you with a brief refresher on what this holiday is all about! You’ll soon find out that there’s a lot more to Saint Patrick’s Day than leprechauns and shamrocks!



Saint Patrick is a patron saint of the country of Ireland. It is believed that he died on March 17, around the year 493. He was born and raised in Roman-controlled Britain before being spirited away by Irish raiders to Ireland as a slave. Following several years of captivity, he was able to return to his family in Britain. Eventually, he entered the church, along with the other members of his family. A few years later he decided to go back to Ireland to do missionary work.


Legend has it that Saint Patrick was able to rid Ireland of the snakes that once plagued the island. Contrary to this claim, however, it is believed that snakes actually haven’t been on the Irish isle since the last ice age. When he spoke about “snakes,” Saint Patrick was probably referring to the pagans and druids that thrived across Ireland before his return.


What Do People Do?

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the globe, especially in communities with a large Irish population. Green is worn by plenty of people, and parties featuring Irish fare dyed with green food coloring are all a part of this fun-filled day. In North America, corned beef and cabbage is a popular Saint Patrick’s Day meal. Parades and other events are also common in larger cities.


Saint Patrick’s Day Deals

Saint Patrick’s Day 2019 is shaping up to be quite the day for deals, with the week leading up to it offering you plenty of opportunities to save! There are tons of great sales in women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, as well as in home décor and party decorations! And to make things easier, we’ve brought together some of the best deals we could find in the fashion world. Continue on for the best bargains you’ll find this Saint Patrick’s Day:


Men’s Clothing

This week, take the opportunity to stock up on men’s essentials in fashion with some of these great discounts. Whether you’re looking for some unique graphic tees or something more understated, there is something for everyone.


  • Hot Topic has a great sale going on right now, and if you’re looking for something for a Spider-Man fan, consider this Marvel Spider-Man Far from Home Logo Hoodie. Priced starting at $44.90, this hoodie is sure to make a statement—and when you use the promo code HT20, you’ll enjoy an additional 20% off an already great price!


  • Another great deal this week in men’s fashion is the Saint Patrick’s Day Graphic Tee from Old Navy. This great looking tee was originally priced at $14.99, but during this week’s sale you can have it for only $5.00! You can’t go wrong at that price!


Women’s Clothing

Whether you’re looking for a hot new pair of shoes, or a sleek pair of leggings, plenty of deals are out there this week for the ladies as well! To help you stretch your dollar as far as it will go, we’ve found a few great items for your consideration.


  • For something truly unique, consider these Disney Dumbo Lace-Up Sneakers from Hot Topic. These are going for the already low price of just $24.90, but with the additional 20% you can get with the promo code HT20, these can be bought for just $19.92! Whether you’re a Dumbo fan or not, these shoes are a bargain that’s hard to pass up!


  • If you had something a little more plain on your mind, then these LC Lauren Conrad Leggings are just the thing for you! On clearance from Kohl’s right now, these leggings are being offered for the paltry price of just $6.00! When you consider that these leggings original went for $20.00, it is hard to let this deal pass you by!



Children’s Clothing

For the little ones, many festive items are available, and at ultra-low prices! Your child will be celebrating this Saint Patrick’s Day in style when you take advantage of some of these great deals:




  • For the little lady in your life, consider this Paw Patrol™ Skye Saint Patrick’s Day Tee from Old Navy. This shirt features an adorable, light shade of blue—and at only $10 after the 30% discount Old Navy is currently offering, it’s an unbeatable buy!


Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with Stackry

If you’re shopping around for some great deals this week, you’re in luck! Saint Patrick’s Day offers retailers the chance to give you great discounts, so be sure to take advantage of them while they last. By shopping with Stackry, these great prices are yours at last, and you’ll be glad you went with us when your order arrives at your doorstep safe and sound!


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