Top-Quality, Comfortable Sneakers from Allbirds

Aug 22, 2019

Top-Quality, Comfortable Sneakers from Allbirds

Everyone loves a nice new pair of shoes! If you’re on the hunt for some stylish new footwear that makes a real statement, look no further than Allbirds! Allbirds crafts some of the nicest, most comfortable shoes on the market. They focus on sustainability and responsibly sourced materials so not only will you be looking good in their shoes, you’ll be helping to save the planet in the process!


Allbirds focuses on quality over quantity, so they’ve only got a few different options available. However, there are more than enough choices for you to find your new favorite!


Before we get down to talking about the awesome shoes Allbirds has on offer, we thought we’d first explain a little bit about the company and what goes into crafting a pair of Allbirds sneakers.

How Did Allbirds Get Started?

Allbirds is the brainchild of Tim Brown, who hails from all the way down in New Zealand. He had a lifelong interest in merino wool, and had begun to wonder why this great material wasn’t used more in the footwear industry. Merino wool, after all, is an amazing sustainable resource!


Following years of research, Tim brought on the help of Joey Zwillinger, who just so happens to be a renewables expert and also an engineer. They worked together to come up with a wool fabric that is tailor-made for footwear. As a result, the Allbirds shoe lineup is here today for you and your family to enjoy!

Why Choose Allbirds?

What’s all the fuss about Allbirds shoes? They don’t look THAT different from regular shoes, you may think. But the truth is, they’re actually very unique!


Most shoes are made of low-quality and nonrenewable synthetic materials that are bad for the environment. Allbirds shoes, on the other hand, are made from all-natural wool, sugar cane, and even trees! The materials they use in their shoes result in what many consider to be the “world’s most comfortable shoe”.


Their Wool line of shoes uses Merino wool, which results in a breathable, odor-controlling, temperature regulating, and machine washable shoes. You won’t have to deal with any of the scratchiness that one would normally associate with wool material.


Allbirds work with many of the top organizations in wool, including ZQ Merino, in order to ensure that the wool that finds its way into your shoe is held to the highest farming standards. They even consider the animal’s welfare in the process.


Aside from using high-quality merino wool during the manufacturing process of Allbirds shoes, they also make use of naturally-derived, renewable materials from trees. The result is a shoe that is both super breathable and comfortable.


Their TENCEL Lyocell tree fiber is sourced from farms in South Africa that use minimal fertilizer. Their carbon footprint has been halved as a result of using their TENCEL fiber! They are Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means that the materials they source all meet very strict standards that ensure forests stay safe.


For the construction of their SweetFoam shoe sole, sugarcane is sourced, which meets rigorous Proforest standards that protect both the environment and the local people. The sugarcane they use is so efficient that after being processed, the leftover biomass is able to be used to power the sugarcane mill and even fertilize next year’s sugarcane crop!


Allbirds’ Stellar Line Of Women’s Sneakers


Now that you know a bit more about how these excellent shoes are made, we can get down to what you came here for today: Our favorite Allbirds picks! They don’t have as many choices as other brands, but each sneaker offers something a little different. We’re sure you’ll have no issues finding a sneaker you’ll be more than happy with!

Wool Runners – $95

Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners are priced at just $95, and are an incredibly comfortable and stylish shoe. They’re available in a huge swath of colors, so you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect shoe to match your favorite outfit. The top-quality Merino wool will ensure your feet are ultra-comfortable all day long.

Wool Loungers – $95

The next shoe in the Allbirds women’s lineup are these awesome Wool Loungers. These also sell for $95, and while the Wool runners feature more of an athletic styling, the Wool Loungers are all about casual comfort. These don’t have quite as many color options, but each one they do have is great!


Tree Runners – $95

From their Tree line of shoes, the Allbirds Tree Runners are another great sneaker for your consideration. Also priced at just $95, these amazing shoes are so soft, Allbirds claims you don’t even need socks!


Allbirds’ Top-Quality Men’s Sneakers


Tree Toppers – $115

Allbirds Tree Toppers are their take on the high-top shoe category. A little more pricey than the other options, you can take these home for $115. However, this is still a fair price considering the high-quality materials they use and the comfort these sneakers offer you! Right now these are available in many limited editions colors, with our favorite being the ZigZag (Black Sole) Tree Toppers!


Tree Loungers – $95

The Tree Loungers are an incredibly light pair of sneakers, and due to their TENCEL upper, are exceptionally breathable. The Tree Loungers are available in two classic colors, but several limited edition options are available as well. All are priced at just $95! If you’re looking for something unique, consider the Savanna Dusk (White Sole), or for something more subtle, the Kauri Fiddle-Leaf (Fiddle-Leaf Sole).


Tree Skippers – $95

Last but not least in the Allbirds men’s lineup are the Tree Skippers. For $95, you really can’t go wrong with these slick looking sneakers. The Tree Skippers bridge the gap between casual footwear and more athletic footwear, featuring sharper angles than the Tree Loungers. For a truly stunning option, consider opting for the limited edition Kauri Marine Blue (Marine Blue Sole) Tree Skippers!

Find Your New Favorite from Allbirds


Now that you’re more familiar with the spectacular Allbirds line of footwear, you can go ahead and pick out a few of your favorites! You really can’t go wrong with any of these great sneakers, and with unparalleled comfort, you’re bound to be pleased with your choice.


While shopping today through everything Allbirds has to offer, remember to choose Stackry as your preferred premium US reshipping service. Shop with us and your new Allbirds will be at your doorstep before you know it!

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