Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 8, 2017


Ahhh, the holidays… a time for family and friends, cozy nights by the fireplace, and of course – FOOD.  Who can deny it?  We all know that the food is arguably one of the best parts of this time of year.  Endless appetizers and cheese boards, way too many bread rolls, enough roasted turkey and ham to feed a small village, and the dessert…who can forget the dessert?!  Let’s be honest – none of the amazing food we’ll indulge in over the next few weeks would be possible without our foodie friends!  So, what are we thankful for this year? Or should we say whom? That’s right; we’re looking at you, foodies! To show our thanks, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts we know you foodies will want, which will make shopping for you easy for the rest of us.

All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel Skillets, Set of 2

A foodie can never have too many skillets, right? These are the perfect gift for a foodie who loves to sear, brown and pan-fry all the foods (for us to then eat).  Made with five different layers of aluminum and durable stainless steel, these skillets are made to last, which means you’ll be eating well for a while.

Italian Lava Pizza Stone Set

Friday’s and pizza go together like two peas in a pod, so why not set up your foodie with the ultimate pizza making slab. The lava stone in this set comes directly from Mount Etna, which is the largest active volcano in Italy.  Nonstick, naturally absorbent, and ideal for even baking, your foodie will give Italy’s authentic ‘za a run for its money.

Cooking Measurement Tea Towel

Recipes can sometimes get a bit tricky when you have to make a few ingredient conversions. Things can get even messier too if you have to do a quick Google search to see how many tablespoons are in a cup (hello sticky iPhone screen). Luckily, this cute and informative towel is here to save the day. 

UrbMat Guided Garden

Have a foodie in your life that has a bit of a green thumb? No worries, there’s something for them too. This mat takes the guessing out of gardening – with weed control and built-in irrigation features, your foodie will be able to grow all his/her favorite herbs.

All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set

This is pretty much a foodie’s dream gift. It can be frustrating having to keep track of all the necessary kitchen gadgets – a lemon squeezer, a spice grater, an egg separator, and so on.  Well, this clever gadget puts together all those, plus more, into one item that’s easy to keep track of.

Kale Sweatshirt

If you want to give the foodie in your life a gift they’re sure to remember; this kale sweatshirt is perfect. They might not be huge fan of kale, but they’re probably a fan of the superfood. Or maybe they like to dress like Beyoncé (yes, she rocked this in one of her music videos)! This is for the foodie who has just about everything they need for the kitchen but would love to rock a cozy tribute sweatshirt.

Minipresso GR

We all have that one friend that is a bit of a coffee fanatic…or a lot, so this one’s for them.  Introducing a portable espresso maker that’ll give your buddy a pick-me-up anytime and anywhere – no electricity required either! You might even have to pick one of these up for yourself. 

Need some more ideas for your foodie gifts? We’ve got you covered – check a few more out here

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