What You Need to Know Before Black Friday

Nov 17, 2017

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner – and we all know what that means – steals & deals on Black Friday! According to Forbes,

Last year’s Black Friday hit a record high, bringing in more than $3.34 billion from online sales and over $1 billion in mobile purchases. And there’s no doubt retailers are hoping you’ll spend even more in 2017 with online deals spanning laptops, smart TVs, and everything else.

Friday, November 23rd – that magical date when just about everyone feels compelled to jump start their holiday shopping, means scoring outstanding deals followed by making sure purchases are shipped in time for holiday parties and gift giving.

And don’t forget Black Friday’s sister, Cyber Monday – Monday, November 27th, when online retailers offer deep discounts on everything from watches to washing machines.

Want to know which one gives you the best deals?

According to Real SimpleBlack Friday offers serious savings on items like computers and other electronics, says Matthew Ong, senior retail analyst at NerdWallet. It’s also a good time to see big savings on home goods, says Regina Novickis, Consumer Expert with Slickdeals.

So what about Cyber Monday? This makes more sense for online shoppers. According to Real Simple, Well, it’s faster. Only 25 percent of shoppers spend more time than intended buying items online, as opposed to 40 percent of in-store shoppers.

Cyber Monday generally means more retailer-wide discounts, rather than product-specific ones that pop up on Black Friday, says Novickis. But occasionally, the specific products that do get marked down on Cyber Monday are serious steals. “If a merchant stocked up on a product for Black Friday and then it didn’t sell as well as expected, there could be a deeper discount on Cyber Monday,” she says.

According to predictions from TechRadar, Cyber Monday deals will include phones, gaming systems, TVs, cameras and laptops – items that seem to top everyone’s wish list!

But don’t despair if you miss Black Friday or even Cyber Monday – most retailers are starting the trend of offering a solid week – Cyber Week – of deals for the kickoff of the holiday season. Cabela’s is already alerting customers about their deals on outdoor gear for the entire week.

Check out Black Friday Online to find out what retailers are starting their Black Friday sales early…and check out which Cyber Monday deals await on The Black Friday site.

Many sites like Amazon.com, Overstock.com, Nordstrom and Target let you sign up for advanced notifications so you won’t miss out on great deals and coupons.

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