Boxing Day: Take Advantage of Retailers’ Swan Song to 2016

Dec 16, 2016

Boxing Day, the day following Christmas, is traditionally a holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations as well as a popular day for shopping and saving in the U.S.  Boxing Day is the final holiday of the year when retailers from around the globe take a “gloves off” approach to winning the attention of eager end-of-year shoppers. Deals will be plenty, although expect a somewhat diminished selection among popular brands and products.

Here are our top picks for maximum Boxing Day savings

Amazon – You’ll find all Amazon’s year-end deals where you can shop the Outlet Store for clearance and overstock deals, Warehouse Deals for great deals on open-box and used items, and don’t forget to sign up for Today’s Deals.

Ebay – Keep this link handy to peruse Ebay’s Daily Deals for Boxing Day.

Target – Target is a great place to stock up on holiday decorations and décor, as well as toys and electronics and gaming gear.

Overstock – Get something that sparkles – rings, earrings, bracelets and ‘his & her’ watch deals can be found on Overstock’s Jewelry Deals page.

Nordstrom  and Nordstrom Rack – You’ll find fantastic sales at Nordstrom and deep discounts on clearance items from Nordstrom Rack, including fashion for men and women; including clothes, boots, shoes, purses & bags at both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.

Use it or, potentially, lose it!

According to Times-Tribune, “about $32 billion worth of gift cards are given during the holidays, and about half of all shoppers receive them. In 2014, it was estimated that since 2008 more than $44 billion worth of gift cards have gone unredeemed, languishing in wallets, purses or desk drawers”, which is why gift card usage spikes on Boxing Day.

Plus, sales are everywhere on Boxing day, so your gift card dollars go further – the perfect time to get what you didn’t find under the tree on Christmas day.

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