Black Friday: The Start of a Month of Savings in the USA

Black Friday in the USA is the unofficial start to the best month for savings in USA stores. Smart cross border shoppers watch sales for their favorite products to purchase and ship to Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East and more. The smartest international shoppers choose Stackry.

For Black Friday, USA retailers advertise great one-day sales to bring customers into their stores. However, with the growth of online shopping, retailers are no longer holding their best online sales for “Cyber Monday” (Monday, December 2). Some retailers, like Target, have already released some Black Friday deals.

While top retailers like Nordstrom, Best Buy, Hollister and Apple are running one day sales, they also are making aggressive price cuts beyond Black Friday. Our shopping consultants at Stackry tell us that retailers are often listing sales for the period of Thursday November 28 through December 2. Some retailers will rotate the stock that they feature on each day. Whether you are shopping for a new MacBook Air to ship from the USA to England, a new mophie battery pack to ship from the USA to Australia, a new DSLR camera or just some wonderful new shoes and boots to ship from the USA to Saudi Arabia, we recommend you check your favorite shopping sites on a daily basis through Cyber Monday. If you don’t want to look at individual sites check shopping sites that will watch the deals for you. Black and Deal Catcher are two of our favorites

What makes the season of deep discounts even better? Stackry’s consolidation program for your USA purchases. Stackry’s consolidation is available to all members without having to pay the monthly membership fees that other package forwarders charge. In addition to no monthly fee, our dim weight factor is the best in the industry.

The month of December is the busiest month for customers who consolidate their USA purchases and send them home to Argentina, Italy, Kuwait and more. Have you seen the latest information on Stackry’s consolidation program? Check out the details and find out why industry watchers consider it the best in the package forwarding industry.

Are you the type of shopper who just wants to know the bottom line price for your package forwarding service? Try Stackry’s update shipping calculator. Just enter the dimensions of your product on the website and, whether you are shipping from the USA to Riyadh or from the USA to Lima or even from the USA to Sydney, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see Stackry’s low rates.

So, get PayPal ready -- your deals await you at your favorite USA store!