The Best Winter Jacket You Can Imagine!

When winter knocks at our door, we need to be well prepared! Since the half of the world's population is living in cities, they spend the winter in an urban environment. 

When we go outside, it is important to feel warm and comfortable not like we have a bag or pillow feathers around our bodies. Winter jacket is the main piece of clothing in our wardrobes. For a long time it hasn't been a fighter against the cold, but it has moved to a higher level in our style and appearance.


The North Face jacket


What makes a good jacket urban? Let's take a look.


The first one is the manufacturer. The North Face is a factory that produces worlds famous jacket that helps you surviving extreme temperatures at the North Pole. That’s enough to stop here and search no more. But we would love to add an additional factors to assure you how amazing this jacket is!


Next are layers. The trend of the last few years is that we get a variety of vests, jackets, setups, sweatshirts. But for a good jacket, one of the most important things is the layer of high tech insulating material. 


Water permeability and resistance to wind are also one of the essential factors. Jacket that can easily become wet when water gets through is useless. 


This jacket has a charge of 800 units, making it warmer than standard density of feathers jackets - 600 units. Feathers are pressed that way, that the jacket does not look big and quality zipper is waterproof and windproof. When you get wet, the material is unbelievably quick-drying and the entire jacket can be rolled up into a small pouch. Wearing this jacket, you will appear like you just came from New York City streets!


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Love from,
Stackry team!