Best Way To Buy Electronics Gear In USA

The best way to buy tech in the U.S.

Technology items are one of the top categories for international customers using parcel forwarders. The selection and range of stores offering tech-gear in the United States means that buyers can often buy items not available in their home country or they can buy tech items for less than they may cost at home even when shipping is calculated in.

Some e-commerce companies will ship internationally and others will not. Even companies that will ship to Australia, Saudi Arabia or the U.K. will have restrictions on certain brands they can sell or the international shipping costs will be too high. By using a parcel forwarder an international customer can shop a range of e-commerce stores for the best price and have all their items consolidated into one package for international shipping. This package consolidation feature is not something e-commerce companies can offer international shoppers.

Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

International customers often buy laptops and smartphones in the U.S.. In addition to the expected shiptments Macbook, iPads, iPhones we ship a large number of gaming laptops and gaming accessories. When customers are buying higher end items like this our U.S. sales tax free location in New Hampshire offers an advantage that many other package forwarders cannot match.

Some of our favorite online stores for buying laptops and tablets include:

  1. Apple-  The Apple store sells the full selection of MacBook, iPad, and IPhones. We are particularly fond of their outlet section where you can often find refurbished equipment at a a discount.  Sometimes Apple will block parcel forwarders but we do have orders arriving frequently from the Apple store. If they do block your order you can always use Stackry's personal shopping service
  2. Microsoft store- The Microsoft online store has frequent sales on everything ranging from laptops to Xbox games. If you are looking for a Windows laptop, surface 3 tablet or Xbox game the Microsoft store should be the first place you look.  
  3. NewEgg -  They are our favorite online tech company. Whether you are shopping for Bluetooth speakers, computers, digital cameras or computer components NewEgg usually has the best deals. It is worth signing up for their alerts during the holiday shopping season to watch out for unbelievable deals.
  4. Lenovo - We have seen an increasing number of Lenovo Y series laptops and Yoga model laptops come through our warehouse. It seems like many international customers enjoy the quaility and value that lenovo is offering now.

Monitors and TVs

  1. BestBuy - BestBuy has one of the largest selections of televisions in the U.S.. Whether you are searching for a top of the line 4K or OLED tv then BestBuy is one of the top places to search.
  2. Staples - We buy more monitors from Staples than any other retailer in the U.S.. They seem to always have great deals for monitors. They best tip for Staples is to signup for their email alerts and look for coupons to drop your purchase price.

Also check the deal sites when you're looking to buy tech gadgets

In addition to signing up for email offers from the companies we have listed you should also check out deal comparison sites to find out if you are getting the best deals on the tech gear you are shopping for.

Bens Bargains
Deal catcher

Get an account with Stackry-Parcel Forwarding that is simple

A great solution for International customers searching for technology is to get a Stackry Account. Stackry is an experienced parcel forwarder with over 30 years experience shipping internationally. Our warehouse is located in sales tax free state in the U.S. That mean no additional U.S. sales taxes on your purchases. We have no membership fees and no monthly fees.

You just ship your packages to your personal locker in our New Hampshire warehouse and Stackry will forward your gear to over 220 international countries. We have customers saving you up to 80% on standard international shipping when they consolidate packages prior to shipping.

If you would like to get an estimate on what shipping would cost please use our international shipping calculator to get an estimate of international shipping costs.

Stackry can do the shopping for you.

We have a number of customers who want to buy gear but the stores will not accept their form or payment or the store will not ship to parcel forwarders. Stackry can offer personal shopping to help you get the gear you want.

Wearable Tech

  1. Fitbit - If you are looking for an activity tracker this year then Fitbit is the best place to start. They have a range of prod cuts designed to help you stay in shape. We love their online store.
  2. Amazon - Amazon is not necessarily our top choice for computers or tablets but they are one of our first stops for exercise tech and fitness gear. They tend to have a wide selection at very competitive prices.

Outdoor gear

  1. REI - REI is our favorite store for low tech and high tech outdoor gear. If you are looking for a great selection of watches, GPS units, head lamps or camping gear REI always has the best selection and great pricing.