Best Way To Buy Outdoor Gear In USA

The best way to buy outdoor gear in the U.S.

Camping and hiking gear is one of the most popular shopping categories for Australian customers to buy in the U.S., The selection and range of stores offering outdoor gear in the United States means that buyers can often find hard to find items and even save money when shipping is figured in.

Some e-commerce companies will ship internationally and others will not. Even companies that will ship to Australia will have restrictions on certain brands they can sell or the international shipping costs will be too high.

Hiking and Camping Stores

  1. REI -  They are a top national outdoor stores and they carry a wide variety of items and brands. Whether you are looking for biking, camping, hiking, paddling or skiing REI generally has something to offer you. We love their in-house brand clothing. It provides great value and durability.  Also check out their outlet site for even better deals.
  2. EMS - is a regional outdoor store in the Northeastern part of the U.S.. We primarily use them for hiking and backpacking gear although they certainly carry a range of items and frequently have great sales. 


  3. Backcountry -  They are a large e-commerce outfitter with a huge range of selection. They are very popular with international customers, 

Fishing Stores

  1. Orvis - When we think of fly fishing we think of Orvis. If you have any needs for fly fishing gear. Orvis should be your first stop. 
  2. L.L. Bean - We love LLBean for everything they sell but many of us probably use them more for fishing gear than anything else. To be fair we have bought our share of boots, tents and backpacks from them too. Sometimes we need an extra rod or reel at a good value and that is when we checkout LLBean.  Whether spinning rods or fly fishing they always seem to have a great deal.
  3. Bass Pro Shops - They may be the biggest fishing retailer in the U.S.. They certainly have the widest selection of rods and reels.  We also find they have great sales on clothing from all the major brands.

Our favorite stores for finding deals on gear

Camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, paddling and biking gear is available at a wide variety of online retailers in the U.S. These stores frequently sell the same brands although some of the outfitters also sell their own brands which can provide good value. Many of us at Stackry enjoy going hiking and camping and we all have a large selection of REI and EMS branded equipment.

Get an account with Stackry-Parcel Forwarding that is simple

A great solution for Australian customers searching for outdoor gear is get a Stackry Account. We are an experienced parcel forwarder with over 30 years experience shipping internationally. Our warehouse is located in sales tax free state in the U.S. That mean no additional U.S. sales taxes on your purchases.

You just ship your packages to your personal locker in our New Hampshire warehouse and Stackry will forward your gear to over 220 international countries. We have customers saving you up to 80% on standard international shipping when they consolidate packages prior to shipping.

If you would like to get an estimate on what shipping would cost please use our international shipping calculator to get an estimate of international shipping costs.

Stackry can do the shopping for you.

We have a number of customers who want to buy gear but the stores will not accept their form or payment or the store will not ship to parcel forwarders. Stackry can offer personal shopping to help you get the gear you want


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