Bedabox has now Joined Stackry!


Bedabox was acquired by Stackry in October of 2017.  We have now finished the acquisition and transitioned all users from the Bedabox site onto the Stackry site.

  1. You can access your account on Stackry using your same email address.  However, in order to protect your account your password was encrypted in such a way that it cannot be transferred to the new system.  So if this is your first time logging into Stackry you’ll need to use the “Forgot Password” functionality and reset your password.
  2. We are migrating all of your in-progress packages.  So anything that was not yet shipped from the Bedabox system when it was retired was moved to the Stackry system.
  3. We did not transfer your historical information from the Bedabox system, but our Customer Service representatives have access to it should you need some information about your previous activity.
  4. As with your password, all of your stored payment information was encrypted and stored in such a way that it could not be transferred between systems.  So you may need to re-setup any saved payment information you had.
  5. Unlike in the Bedabox system, most transactions on the Stackry platform do not require a verified credit card or an email address matching your Paypal account.  These controls are in place, however, for certain transactions and certain high-risk locales (such as Indonesia) and are subject to change over time.