Back to School Sales in the USA Spell Big Savings for Shoppers

The month of August in the USA has always meant great savings for shoppers who spend their money on back to school sales that target parents of children young and old.

Many of the USA stores that are most popular with “back to school” shoppers are The Gap, Staples, Abercrombie & Fitch, LL Bean, Old Navy, Kids Foot Locker and of course, big retailers like Target and Walmart.

Parents of school children often make their list this time of year and wait for these sales to pick up school supplies, clothing, latest fashion, computers,  footwear and special items like backpacks and lunch sacks.

Must have clothing for young girls going back to school are the rage at the Gap.  Stackry customers often get more clothing for their dollar shopping Gap sales.  Remember to look for  coupon codes or use comparison shopping sites when you find a style you like. Since you have a U.S. mailing address you can shop the best deals from all the stores and we will consolidate and ship your purchases to you.

One standard purchase for many parents this time of year is a sturdy backpack for their young child.  Top backpacks are found at many USA stores but the ones Stackry customers purchase and forward around the world are most often from LL Bean, a top outdoors goods retailer in the USA.  Check out their backpacks and pick up one for each of your children.

Back to school time is often when Stackry customers buy new footwear for their kids.  Children have spent the summer months tearing up their current sneakers and sandals.  Parents often monitor USA sales in August so their sons and daughters will have new styles on their feet as they go back to school.  Kids Foot Locker has top styles featured for your children.  Make them have happy feet and pick up some of these new styles.

Whether it is pens and pencils, markers, folders, notebooks or smaller technology items, USA stores like Staples has everything a parent will need to place in their child’s backpack.  A quick look at Staples and you can what Stacky customers have known for a long time -- they carry all back to school supplies a student could need.  Check out their website, shop the sale and ship your items home with Stackry.

Some Stackry customers enjoy shopping specialty retailers like the ones noted above, but others have their “go to” larger retailers to take care of many of their back to school needs in one or two stores.  Stackry customers have long since been big fans of Walmart and Target to take care of multiple types of purchases.  

Now is the time to shop the back to school sales and have items shipped to your personalized Stackry locker.  Consolidate your purchases with your Stackry account for even greater savings!