Stackry is the global leader in international parcel forwarding from the US to anywhere in the world.   
Stackry provides free storage, fast consolidation of your packages, and a tax-free US address for you to use. 
Stackry consolidates your packages and ships them to you anywhere in the world, saving you up to 80% of the shipping costs. 
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Can I ship from Stackry to my home address in Russia? 

Yes, following the below guidelines:

  • Shipments for private people except for Saint Petersburg & Leningrad Oblast) are restricted to DOCUMENTS ONLY.
  • Custom charges will be due, we do not offer duty-free shipments.
  • The Consignee VAT number must be in the address.
  • A Commercial Invoice with a value breakdown for each commodity is required for non-doc shipments, including the brand of item, name of the item, and size, if applicable. Missing or incomplete invoices may result in customs clearance delays and additional charges.
  • All shipments bust have a minimum value of over 1 USD.
  • Expect 2 weeks minimum for clearance.
  • Daily Limit equals no more than 200 EUR total value of all shipments, per consignee, per day. Multiple shipments arriving to 1 consignee on 1 day are considered as 1 shipment by Customs. If the daily limit is exceeded, the consignee will need to manually clear the shipment with customs. Individual clearance is performed by submission of a PTD, Passenger Clearance Declaration, and other documents from the consignee.
  • High and Mid -Value shipments must be sent to private persons as Broker Select Service (BSO) only.
  • A Russian translation of your invoice may be required by customs. Stackry is not able to provide this.
  • The brokerage agreement between the consignee and DHL may be required by customs. Stackry is not able to provide this.
  • Consignee is encouraged to contact their local carrier facility proactively to assist with clearance. Stackry is not responsible for shipments that fail to clear customs.
  • Import permits may be required to import certain items, such as clothing. It is the consignee’s responsibility to provide import permits.